Share Simply Your Panoramic Photos In Your iOS 6


Sharing panoramic photos captured by iOS 6 on your iPhone is not too tough; though need a few twitches on the recipients end to view. Ordinary sharing may not be satisfactory as the photo only presents a general overview of the entire photo unless you pinch and zoom. To view the entire panorama, you’ll need to swipe back and forth. It works, no doubt, but fun is … [Read more...]

Verdict – Apple’s iPhone 5 Full Review; Finally Best iPhone (Part 3/3)

iphone 5 review and verdict

This is the third and final part of our verdict and full review of Apple's iPhone 5. In the first two parts we discussed about why iPhone 5 differ from iPhone 4S, about the look of the device, the screen talk of course as it has become taller now, and something about the 4G LTE network support. In this part we will only discuss about the camera of iPhone 5 as it has … [Read more...]

Apple’s iOS 6 Review. Better Than iOS 5

ios review

Let me open up the first sentence saying that the iOS 6 is not a revolution, but is is a refinement. Yes, since the first iOS was introduced by Apple, it has been a gold standard for tablets and smartphones. Each successive version has just polished itself further and further. So, this means that iOS 6 is the same that was launched in 2007, but its competitor Android … [Read more...]

iOS 6 Put Through its Paces – Not Perfect, But Very Close

iOS 6 Put Through its Paces - Not Perfect, But Very Close

Apple’s WWDC 2012 brought very few surprises but certainly didn’t let the world’s technology community down. True, tens of millions would have been infinitely happier with at least a mention of the iPhone 5, but at least in its place we got out first look at its likely mobile operating system – iOS 6. While the final release of iOS 6 won’t be offered until later … [Read more...]