10 Free Web Services For Instagram Addicts

Instagram Logo

In early April, the news of acquisition of Instagram by Facebook for a Billion Dollar grand price was everywhere. The user count of Instagram increased in multiple folds after it was launched for Android in the same April. I recognize that Instagram is an application which can make simple photographs look really beautiful and can make user addictive to it. Even my … [Read more...]

How To browse Instagram On iPad


Did you know a third party app can allow you to use your iPad as an Instagram viewer? Nope! Here is Pictacular, a free iPad app, a little buggy but presents a number of exciting features to let you browse your Instagram feed I must say. Instagram for instance, does not allow you to post photos with a third part app, but there are apps that let you browse your … [Read more...]

Facebook Closes Cool Hunters Account Allegedly For Copyright Issue


Is Facebook doing the right thing? Yes, I mean to ask as see what it has done to the Cool Hunter and in what manner it has done. Leaving 80,000 fans of Pop Culture website ‘Cool Hunter’ in wonder, Facebook in an unexpected move sealed the account of the site, allegedly for a copyright issue. It is said that the 1 billion users’ website hasn’t given any sort of … [Read more...]

‘This Is Now’ Website Helps Watch Instagram Photos In Real-Time


A new Website named This Is Now is a real-time photo viewing service of Instagram. Five cities have been included in the service and you need to choose from Sydney, Tokyo, London, Sao Paolo and New York. Choosing one will instantly immerse you in a beautiful visualization of photos in real-time from the location. Believe me, pulling yourself away from it won't be … [Read more...]