A New Rumor about iPhone 6 which can Feature the Form Factor Overhaul


There are reports that apple is going for a curved glass display for its new iPhone 6 and the phone is all set to get the form factor overhaul by apple. Previously there have been lots of rumors regarding the release of iPhone. But it has been almost fixed that the announcement regarding the new iPhone is going to be done on the 4th of October this year. There have … [Read more...]

Review: Apple MacBook Pro Newest Version

New Version Macbook pro

The newest version of the Apple MacBook Pro is cooler than the previous version. This latest version features the Intel’s third generation which includes core i5. It has the speed of 2.5 GHz and it can be increased up to 3.1 GHz according to the workload. This is possible due to the Intel Turbo Boost Technology which has been updated. When I bought it I was … [Read more...]

iPad Mini vs Kindle Fire HD vs Nexus 7


The arrival of iPad Mini serves as the green signal for the competition, with all the competitors in tow and in position. The incessant speculations about the latest addition to the iBrand can now be put to rest and the three devices, Apple iPad Mini, Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7 can be sized up to find the actual winner. Here we offer you a scintillating … [Read more...]

Review: Apple iPod Touch 16GB White


Apple Inc. has presented to the world many classy gadgets. From their mini iPod shuffles to the iPod touch series. They have put forth to the world the best touch screens and this is an undeniable fact. Personally, I am a fan of the Apple iPod Touch 16GB. It is an amazing product by Apple Inc. It is light; it is thin and is available in many different colors. Plus you … [Read more...]

Review: Apple TV

Video thumbnail for youtube video Review: Apple TV - PinDigit

A decent and elegant TV developed by Apple with a terrific interface. Its set up is quite simple and hardly takes ten minutes from start till finish. The features include the three major functions in a single package that has iTunes, wireless display and content or channel provider. Some of its key features consists of; buying or either renting from the huge … [Read more...]

Do You Know The Sharing Reminders Functionality In OS X Mountain Lion?

os x mountain lion

In the latest version of the Mac OS, the OS X Mountain Lion, Apple included some of its iOS apps and features. Among them is the Reminders app, which is extremely useful in setting up and organizing to-do lists. Reminders were originally a part of the Apple iCal service but now, it has become a app in itself and it interfaces with the Calendar for all of your Apple … [Read more...]

Apple Explains Passbook In Just Released iOS 6.1

apple passbook

By this time you may be wondering how to make use the Apple’s Passbook if you have owned the recent iDevices – the iPhone 5 or iPod Touch. Even the Cupertino guys have realized that its new users are flummoxed over how to use the Passbook app. No worries. There is an answer to it, and from Apple itself. The just released iOS 6.1 adds an updated explanation to the … [Read more...]

iPad Mini Pricey, But Perfectly Sized Tablet. Isn’t?

apple ipad mini

Do you agree Apple's iPad Mini is a perfect sized tablet? To me it seems to be a big YES. Oh yes, but at a price of course. Almost of same landscape the other brands are cheaper, if not much then a little bit for sure. Well, a remarkably thinner and lighter iPad Mini should come with a price, and obviously when it is from the house of iPhone, iPod, iMac makers. The … [Read more...]

Owing iPhone 5 Scares You Financially? No More. The ‘How’ Tips Here

iphone 5

Does cost of owning iPhone 5 scares you in terms of finance? No shame in confessing. This phenomenon is with almost all of us. So what? Won't we own this iDevice of Apple? Won't it fit our budget? Of course yes. Will share with you. Before that, you may be thinking some tricks will be discussed here to get an iPhone within a cheap price. The answer - … [Read more...]

5 Tablets Keeps iPad Mini From Taking The 7-Inch Crown


iPad Mini has not yet been announced officially, but it has not even remained a secret for Apple. It is proven that Apple can’t keep a secret well. Everyone knows about it; the date of launch is pretty certain, the technical details of the new tablet have been published and even the probably price of this mini tablet. However, iPad Mini will not enter the market … [Read more...]