Suit Yourself with Sony Xperia

The Sony Xperia is the new Android smart phone that’s just right for any gamer out there today.  With a 1000 MHz processor and Adreno graphics processor, the Sony Xperia is sure to provide the gamers with all they need.  What’s more, it is capable of getting the best signals at any Wi-Fi hotspot.  You can handle calls and games from anywhere you want with style and ease!


When you have the Sony Xperia, then what?  There are many things you will want to do first.  Think about some of these simple tweaks that users have already discovered.  They will save you a lot of time and grief, and maybe even money, when you are just learning about your new device.

  • Quick Launch: If you quickly customize this bar just the way you want it, you will save countless hours in the long run.  You can add or take away any feature you like, and there are folders for easy access.
  • Security:  Make sure you have your new Xperia secure by changing the settings to suit your needs.  Remember, you don’t want any stranger to get hold of any valuable bank or contact information.  This should always be one of the first things you do when getting any new electronic device.
  • Calling Options:  When you use the Xperia you can select how you want incoming calls to be handled.  Are you just now getting to that last level or boss?  The last thing you need is a call ruining everything and sending you back go ‘start.’
  • Shortcuts:  There are many ways to add different web shortcuts to your new device.  Go to Menu then to Bookmarks and you will soon be hitting up your favorite sites in style.
  • Readability:  Change those annoying fonts and to something you actually like, and at a size you can read.  Its right in Settings and then Accessibility.
  • Speed:  Avoid needless clutter on your desktop and close down any programs you are not using.  You will soon see the performance of your new Sony Xperia skyrocket!
  • Screenshots:  Taking a screenshot of just about anything you want has never been easier.  Just hold down both of the volume buttons at the same time and you will have a quick snapshot, and already stored too!
  • Manage Data:  If sending and receiving data has you paying more bills, you can go right to the Settings menu and select Data Usage.  It will give you a quick rundown of everything you have used so far.
  • Stay Off-line:  When you can, stay off-line.  If you have got a lot to read, or if the game you’re playing does not need other online users, think about switching out.  The Menu tab will give you an option to save and store certain web pages for later viewing.
  • Wireless:  Choose your wireless destinations well.  Under the Settings tab you can choose which Wi-Fi hotspots you like, and also store their information.  This makes it easy when you frequent the same coffee shop.
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