Sprint Begins 4G LTE Rollout – At a Steady Crawl

Sprint has finally taken a big step toward catching up with its rival networks right at the top of the big-leagues, by officially launching its 4G LTE service in America as of this Monday.

Don’t get too excited yet however, as Sprint’s initial rollout of 4G LTE coverage will only reach 15 cities spanning five of the country’s key markets.

Sprint Begins 4G LTE Rollout – At a Steady Crawl

More Cities to Follow

Of the 15 cities now covered by Sprint’s 4G LTE network, seven are located in Texas, six in Georgia and two in the Kansas City area. Sprint has of course assured the US that its 4G LTE network will be greatly expanded and developed before the end of the year, though hasn’t yet stated where or when the new services will be introduced.

Trailing somewhat behind its rival networks, Sprint has so far only offered its subscribers 4G services by way of HSPA+ and WiMax – both of which are notably slower than 4G LTE.

Ten Times Faster than 3G

In theory, an LTE network allows for data transfer speeds of up to ten-times faster than 3G services, though this if course depends on a number of factors including the device being used, strength of signal in the area in question and others including network traffic volumes.

In any case, Sprint will now be able to advertise itself and its wares as official 4G LTE friendly, joining the ranks of AT&T and Verizon Wireless which already have extensive 4G LTE networks in operation.

The launch means that only T-Mobile remains without 4G LTE covering in the US, though plans have been announced to begin a rollout sometime during 2013.

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