Review: Sony BDP-S590 3D Blu-ray Disc Player

The trend of the Blu-ray players has increased since the last couple of years as there are numerous modern features present in the player such as several internet applications, streaming network media, High definition audio decoding etc.
The Sony Blu-Ray Disc Player is a High Definition player with 1080p. It wirelessly streams the movies, music TV shows and much more. The Sony Blu-Ray Disc Player even displays 3 D experience of movie watching. I am able to watch my favourites on Netflix, Pandora, and YouTube etc. with this player.

Due to the integrated Wi-Fi in the Sony Blu-Ray Disc Player I am able to get myself eliminated from the extra cables and it lets me connect to my home network quite effortlessly. In this way I am able to get the faster online access and can stream my favourite videos and movies for entertainment.

As there is a build-in Wi-Fi therefore, there is unbelievable network of the Sony Entertainment and it allows me to stream instantly. This is an astonishing array of the joys and entertainment from the videos and movies to the TV shows. I am even able to get the most favourite music of mine from the content providers.

I can pair up my Sony Blu-Ray Disc Player with a 3D HDTV which is compatible to it and enjoy the full entertainment. The other supreme level of the entertainment is enjoyed with the 1080p high definition in the terrific 3D cinematic picture quality.


If you have become tired of using the remote control then you have an alternative option in this player as the Sony has created a remote application for Android devices. My Android phone or the iPad or any other device that is compatible with the Android operating system I can turn them into a remote. This is done by downloading the Media Remote Application for free.

With the remote application it has become very convenient for me to enter the e-mail addresses, user names and the passwords while using the set up and due to the access to the QWERTY keyboard and the basic functions of the remote it allows me to search the internet in order to search for movies or information.

Moreover if I add the speakers that are wireless in the Sony Blu-Ray Disc Player I can watch my favourite movies by streaming from the CD and from my personal music collection. By placing those at any area of the room the quality sound can be heard. The speakers can be moved from one room to the other without interference in the entertainment while doing other home chores.


The more excitement is experienced when I socialize on my Sony Blu-Ray Disc Player by accessing my personal accounts in the social networking websites. All the excitements can be shared with others whether I am watching a movie or listening to a song in a high definition video. This player has the socialize feature which allows me to get an access on Facebook, Twitter etc. while watching the movies.

The wireless streaming of the music is so terrific which is enjoyed throughout the house with the speakers of the Sony Wireless Network. By using the DLNA the access to the music is possible wirelessly. The photos and other files from my PC or the other Android compatible device are also streamed to the Blu-ray Disc Player. The music and photos therefore, can be thrown directly to the Sony Blu-Ray Disc Player and the optimum level of enjoyment is experienced on TV.
The Sony Blu-Ray Disc Player allows me to enjoy the movies within a fraction of time by quickly starting and loading. It has the special feature named as “Quick Start and Quick Load”.

A detailed information regarding movies is possible in the Sony Blu-Ray Disc Player. Also by searching several internet applications that includes YouTube and many others I am able to watch unlimited videos for entertainment purpose.
The Sony Blu-Ray Disc Player S590 is quite light in weight and has a glossy plastic case black in colour. After evaluating the top surface of this Sony Blu-Ray Disc Player I found that it is not that durable as the surface does not feel to be resisting scratches. When I placed my remote control on its top, it was enough to create scratches. It is best to keep this device covered or keep it inside a rack.


The box of the Sony Blu-Ray Disc Player S590 included remote control, the products information and the batteries for the remote.

The shape of the Sony Blu-Ray Disc Player S590 is not very attractive or unique. It has the odd U-shape. The LCD display of the player is not very clear to detect whether the unit it powered on or off. Whereas the player is composed of the list of connections that includes an HDMI output, LAN port, coaxial connections and digital audio connections, and there are USB ports two in number. With the use of the dual USB inputs I am able to bring my most favourite videos, music or photos to my TV.

Since the Sony Blu-Ray Disc Player S590 is a 3D player but it also has a feature that converts 2D to 3D. This feature is built in.

If the quick launch application is used then you will experience that in 3 or 4 seconds the player boots up. The player consumes more electricity when the mode is set to stand by. However when no quick launch is engaged the player takes up to 25 seconds to boot and is definitely a pretty longer time as the loading time of the disc should be faster.

The performance of the Sony Blu-Ray Disc Player S590 depends on the experience of the user. Majority of the Blu-ray players deliver great video and sound quality but Sony has definitely added some very unique features which makes it worth buying. What makes the products unique is how easily it is navigated or how quickly the products react to the commands, the presence of certain applications in the product or how easy it is to access the contents.

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