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Increasing scope of jobs:

There was a time when everybody was involved in small business or shop and much people were not in jobs. These days the scenario has completely changed and most of the people are in jobs. In this era cut throat competition is there in each and every field. Even in the jobs too.

Now it’s not possible to compete with the big market tycoons on the bases of less money and investment. Investments are being big and so it had become too tough to stand in the market for any small shop keeper or business man. Markets are being global and people are also being tech- savvy to compete.


Need of software:

So when the needs of business are increasing then needs of divergent software’s for organizations are also increasing. Now because of rampant world, every work is being done in speed and organizations are also thinking to less the burden of writing work and keeping records. For this, software is too much helpful to us, there is software to run the organization, keep the records of the employees. They also keep the records of the attendance and salaries of the employees. It is too difficult for a human to keep the things in mind and even writing them on books is also not an easy task.

So while the people develop the software they keep in view the needs of the company and then accordingly they develop the software. So while you need any software for your business you need to tell the designer the complete needs of the thing. Some schools and hospitals also have software to collect the payment and the payment becomes so easy to maintain. They don’t have to draw lines and make the excel sheets for each requirement. They just need to fill the spaces given in the software and the things are done automatically. It can be submitted as a daily report to the higher authorities too.

Need of the system to track the record:

So here when companies are having so many people who are daily applying and are sending so many resumes, then how companies would tackle them? They have to adopt so many ways to tackle and store the data they have. They have to maintain the records as per rule the employee, who have applied earlier, are not eligible for the jobs. Just think if an employee will be interviewed three or four times by mistake then what will happen? There will be mess every time and in this bafflement no right candidate will be selected.

So certain time is given, in between the employee cannot re- apply for the job. Application tracking software has made the work of the human resources easy one. Now they don’t have to keep the records manually, they can enter the information according to the given spaces. Still when you are using any software the employees need a special training for this and they are trained by the companies only which are providing the related software.

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