Social Networking Of Huge Benefit To Business – Workplace Participation Growing

It is of course no secret that social media and networking has changed the world in ways none of us saw coming, but it is only as of late that its effects on business environments has really been brought to the world’s attention.

As consumers the world over begin to live their lives almost permanently attached to their social networks of choice, their circles are beginning to overlap with those of the corporate world and cause quite the stir.

Socializing and communicating at work has transformed from the odd chat here and there to something that goes on pretty much morning ‘til night by way of social networking.

This has of course been considerably intensified by the ongoing adoption of high-end Smartphones and tablet PCs as a growing standard, though companies in their thousands are beginning to encourage social networking for the benefit of the business as a whole.

In fact, recent studies have suggested that those businesses allowing and encouraging social networking both internally and externally stand far greater chances of succeeding and growing than those restricting or banning its use during working hours.

According to recently publicized reports, as few as 16% of all CEO on a global basis are fully making use of the social networking software at their disposal.

However, this is expected to skyrocket to as many as 57% in the next three years alone, as the world moves one step closer to a unified social networking lifestyle encompassing private lives, consumer lives and business at all levels.

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