Smaller Dock Connector Certain for the iPhone 5 – Consumer Backlash Likely

Chatter is growing across various regions of the technology world about Apple’s plans to once and for all ditch their trademark 30-pin dock connector, beginning with the iPhone 5 later this year.

According to the latest round of reports, an enormous level of consumer concern has not influenced Apple’s plans to make the move toward and all-new connector, which could prove hugely costly for buyers of future iPhones and iPads.

Specific details of the new, smaller port remain unknown, but a general consensus has been reached that Apple is to reduce the size of the dock connector in order to free up more space inside for valuable components.

Smaller Dock Connector Certain for the iPhone 5 – Consumer Backlash Likely

Consumers Less Enthused

Unfortunately, while third-party dock and accessory vendors are in all probability praying for the reports to prove accurate, consumers may not share their sentiments. If true, the inclusion of the news smaller dock connector will effectively render all existing iPad and iPhone accessories and docking stations incompatible with the new line of iOS products.

Evidence is beginning to mount that the switch is indeed coming, with a slew of new prototype image leaks and third-party cases already clearly showing a much smaller dock connector than the current 30-pin variant.

There is even talk of the new port being developed and programed in such a way that it would be compatible only with official Apple accessories, until of course third-parties were able to crack the code – something bound to happen sooner or later.

A Simple Fix?

Of course, there is every chance that Apple could choose to release something of an adapter to convert between the two, though chances are that doing so would cost Cupertino company tens of millions of dollars in lost accessory sales.

The iPhone 5 is expected to debut this October with an array of new features, including 4G LTE connectivity and a larger 4-inch screen.

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