Should You Buy Windows 8 Or Windows RT? A Knowhow

Has the time come to choose whether to stay with Windows or try another OS? Yes, Linux, Google’s Chrome OS and Apple’s Macintosh OS X are already there with arms wide open to hug your personal computer.

Microsoft just launched its two new operating systems, and of course the much awaited ones too, Windows 8 and Windows RT. If you love traditional desktop, and also like to have a continuous eye-soothing phenomenon, stick to Windows. I know people personally still using Windows XP. Besides, have also heard Windows users switching over to Macintosh OS X. Not very sure how many is turning to Chrome OS and Linux.

Want to upgrade your existing PC with new one?

If you are using Windows XP, Vista, or windows 7, you can upgrade it to the new Windows 8 for just $40. If you have purchased the PC after June 2 this year you just need to shed $15 for windows 8 upgrade.

Which OS to choose – Windows 8 or RT?

Windows RT is basically an OS designed for the tablets and hybrid devices with the same tile-based interface like Windows 8. It does not run on Intel or AMD as Windows 8 but rather on ARM CPUs. It will only run apps that are acquired via the built-in Windows app store. Well, it has amazing battery life and also cool-looking hardware. The only problem with it is its price. Windows RT systems are expensive and are being sold now between $500 and $600. Detachable keyboard dock costs extra.

Windows 8 is reasonably cheaper and is the fittest for your home PC.

Do share your own views about Windows 8 and Windows RT in the below comment box with us and fellow readers. Meanwhile do also read should Apple overcharge for extra memory on iPads and a complete review on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean from the below links:

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