Seven Extremely Useful Google Chrome Plug-ins

Google Chrome with its unfussiness, pace and top-quality performance has undeniably won many hearts. The users have applauded its interface and high-speed browsing. For some, it has been hard to switch over from Firefox to Google chrome, as the former provides a wide range of add-ons. But, the latter is not very far behind in this section. Let’s have a look at few plug-ins that can reshape the way you handle Google chrome.


Gmail in offline mode – Offline Google Mail

How about accessing your emails when the internet connection is down and out? It sounds really helpful if you are plagued with a poor connection.


This amazing plug-in from Google allows you to read emails, respond to them and even get them archived in offline mode. When the connection re appears, everything gets synchronized automatically.

Google Chrome to Phone


Google-Chrome-for-Android-Is-Now-Stable-2Now, you can send any sort of information directly from your PC/Laptop to your Smartphone with the help of this plug-in. All you got to do is to install this extension on chrome and the corresponding Android application. It is quite a handy tool for Android users who like to operate fast or are too lazy to type out the links.



Frustrated of those ads that pop up every time you open a particular website? Block it now by adding this extension to your chrome. They prevent the display of any type of ads and thus, you get an irritation-free browsing session.

IMO Instant Messenger


Skype, Facebook, MySpace, GTalk, Yahoo Messenger and AIM together in a single extension. Does it sound too good to be real? Well, this amazing plug-in has it all. An instant messaging extension that allows audio and video chat and transfer of files within a click.



Music adds a meaning to life and it is hard to find people who do not truly love it. How about keeping track of your favorite melodies in day to day life? This particular plug-in does exactly that by indexing the files you browse through and thus building up a personal music library for your convenience.



Are you organized with your online activities but still couldn’t spot where the time is getting lost? This extension restricts you from wasting time on useless websites to help you focus more on your work. What it does that, once the time you have been allotted is over, the targeted website becomes automatically unreachable for the remaining of the day.

Google Similar Pages


Are you an avid researcher? Do you love to stock up best of the resources in your armory? It is a fact that Google can sometimes be confusing with a lot of results and even if you find a good one, you have to investigate a lot to get something similar like that. This plug-in helps you find out the spot-on subject you are looking for. It saves you time by quickly turning up with similar pages as that of your interest, within a click.

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