Samsung Targets Embarrassing Apple’s iPhone 5 In New Ad

Will Samsung be rational if it says Galaxy S3 is better than Apple’s iPhone 5? Don’t know, but Samsung is in fact going to do the same tomorrow. It will run an ad campaign on select national newspapers trying to rationalize its Galaxy S3 is better than the just unveiled iPhone 5.

In the print ad Samsung writes as a heading — “It doesn’t take a genius.” Well, time to ponder now. Meanwhile, also check the below image to know in more details about the ad campaign.

Of course the ad is an embarrassment to Apple, and that too very badly and in public.

Samsung has clearly put down a list with all the fine and rational reasons to suggest its Galaxy S3 is better than Apple’s iPhone 5. Few such examples are Galaxy S3 having NFC technology, Shake to Update as well as Palm Swipe capture, and iPhone 5 misses all these.

Well, the Galaxy S3 may be a better phone than iPhone 5, but Samsung is missing a small element that people don’t buy iPhone for all the features. Apple fans buy for quirky, irrational and emotional reasons. Samsung has not branded itself as such that can capture the hearts of people.

What you suggest? Is Samsung doing the right thing? One should not hurt the other in competition so much. Isn’t it? Do share your own views in below comment space.

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