Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7-Inch, Wi-Fi)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is one of the latest gadgets from Samsung. I bought this tablet a couple of months ago and I found it extremely entertaining. It has the touchscreen display of about 7-inch which is quite vibrant. The operating system which runs on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is the Android 4.0 and is powered by dual core processor of 1.01 GHz that assists you to get a maximum usage of the most demanding applications.

By using Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 I am able to access to the internet by its ultra fast Wi-Fi system which is Wireless-N. The TV content can be controlled and watched with the IR- Blaster which is built-in and Smart Remote application. Everything is there on your finger tips. There is full support provided by the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 to the Adobe Flash Player of version 10.1. With Adobe Flash Player the websites can be accessed which are flash enabled and the games can be played also the videos can be watched.

This Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is designed in a way that it fits in your single hand. I can easily type the notes or the messages quite simply. It consists of the QWERTY keyboard of virtual type. It has the VGA camera which is front-facing for the purpose of the video conversations.


The internal memory of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is of 8 GB, for the devices which are hands-free and the streaming of the stereo music there is Bluetooth wireless connectivity of 3.0 versions. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is the Android Tablet which has given challenge to the iPad in almost every department. Although has not become as famous as its predecessor Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 which had only the Wi-Fi and 16 GB of the internal storage available. It also had the lack of the 3G model in UK.

I enjoy the most features which are ramped up and also numerous applications which the ICS technology supports. I get the UI which are evolved and the intuitively designed that seamlessly transits across every application. The web browsing is pretty enhanced with the faster response. The accessibility to the preloaded applications of the Google Mobile such as YouTube, Maps, Google search is quite easy.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 produces a single touch access to the famous mobile services of Google with its integrated technology of Google. There are millions of users who use the Google mobile services regularly such as Gtalk, Google+, Google Play and many more. I am also one of them so this helps me greatly.

The video hub of the Samsung is my personal store of videos that has numerous videos which I enjoy to the maximum by downloading them. There is Readers Hub as well which delves me into the most tremendous pleasures of reading in a digital way. I am able to access to the huge hub of e-books on the screen of my personal Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. The Music Hub is also there that provides a complete store of music that has huge number of collection and I am able to get m favourites loaded. Finally the most entertaining for me is the Game Hub which has multi player games as well. I completely enjoy them to the maximum.


Therefore, I get the easiest access to the latest videos, music, premium games and e-books on my finger tips that expand my experience with the direct access to the applications.

The ChatOn application in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 helps me to connect to my friends and family across the platforms in a very dynamic and expressive manner. The features it has are the buddy Interaction, Multimedia Transmission, Group Chat etc which keeps me engaged in a very entertaining way.


The Kies is another exciting and decent way to organize and to convert the music, photos and videos to be used. However its execution and the integration are not up to the standards of iTunes. The compatibility of the file is good though, as the tablet is able to handle a huge range of the videos and the audios codecs that consists of FLAC, WAV, MPEG4, DivX, and H.264.
The SD card slot is also available in order to get the memory of the tablet expanded if desired. The camera of Galaxy Tab has is of 3MP at the back which is capable to record the videos of 720P at the 30 frames per second. The quality of the picture is average as the minor details are not visible and no shine in the texture.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 has a very entertaining and enjoyable sound quality. The super PLS LCD screen of the tablet has an excellent resolution and picture quality.

The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 has been found to be up to six hours in average which is kind of poor. In this case the Apple’s iPad mini has a battery life of up to 10 hours in maximum. Of course the life of the battery may vary according to the usage but since I am a heavy user of internet so for me it is quite disappointing.


The Bluetooth connectivity and its service are quite awesome. The Bluetooth stereo headphones are there which provides the sound of a very high quality without the irritating tether.


Although the screen is not as clear as that of the retina display screen but still I find it appropriate as I hold it in some distance from my face. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is quite easily able to be synced up with the Google account of mine and in this way I started downloading the applications from Google’s Play Store very easily and within minutes after it was turned on.


So conclusively this tablet is just great and looks very elegant as it is built well and in an excellent manner. Although its back part is not as fancy as the smartphone Galaxy S2 of the Samsung but still is good enough.


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