Samsung Galaxy S3 – First Impressions

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has just taken the torch from the unstoppably successful S2 and has rather large shoes to fill to say the very least. Not only does the S3 have to deliver a truly stunning experience in order to continue the legacy set by its predecessor, it also has to be the extra mile with a few surprises.

So, has Samsung hit the nail on the head, or perhaps misfired a little?

Build Quality

Despite the presence of 4.8inches of prime Super AMOLED HD real estate, the S3 is slimmer, sleeker and easier to handle than you’d expect. It also feels great – a little like a smooth pebble you’ll find yourself playing with without even realizing it.

Samsung Galaxy S3 - First Impressions

If really looking to nit-pick you could say that the finish does feel a little too plastic-esque, but there’s no denying even with a brief examination that the S3 is pretty solid.


And while we’re on the subject, the screen is simple one of the best you’ll find on any handset today. Exactly why a person really needs to watch stunning HD movies on their mobile phone remains a subject of contention the world over, but in my opinion if you fall into the bracket of doing so, you’ll find no better. Colors are vivid, blacks are rich and the overall brightness and contrast are practically flawless.


Android 4.0 ICS keeps things moving both in front of and behind the scenes, slightly modified/refined for the Galaxy S3. What is there 1to say about ICS that hasn’t already been said? Nothing really, but its overall fluidity and versatility really comes to life with the power of the S3 behind it.

New Features

The new S Voice features looks to steal a little of the limelight from Apple’s Siri and achieves its goal rather well, while the face-detection system which powers down the screen if it isn’t being looked at is perhaps more impressive than it is useful. But then again, when a has a gimmick not gone down well with the consumer?

Less than a gimmick is the inclusion of NFC technology, which can transform the S3 into something of a mobile wallet


An area of both disappointment and prowess, it has been rumored that the S3 would carry a 12 megapixel camera though ultimately arrived with an 8 megapixel sensor. That being said, it is one of the finest you’re likely to find and beats the holy hell out of countless 12 megapixel rivals on the market.

Battery Life

Considering the array of features and goodies on offer, battery life with the S3 is among the very best we’ve seen so far in any leading Android device. What’s more, a distinct advantage is offered over its iPhone rivals as the battery can be removed and replaced with a spare.


The S3’s quad-core processor delivers the goods and with time to spare, though if really digging deep is not quite as fast as the HTC One X – though as near as makes no difference. One huge bonus however is the opportunity to boost internal storage with microSD – something many high-end rivals lack.

To Sumamrize

For the millions of Android devotees the world over it will be nigh on impossible to pick fault with the S3 – a full-fat, vitamin-enriched S2 if ever there was one. Its power, prowess and beauty cannot be disputed, neither can the fact that the S3 is set to become the world’s biggest selling Smartphone of 2012 – unless the iPhone 5 pulls off a miracle.

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