Safari 6 Available for OS X Lion and Mountain Lion With Brand New Features

After the arrival of OS X Mountain Lion, many users have been found upgrading to the latest version of Mac OS X and they are surely enjoying the completely new features at this moment. Improvements are seen in the software like iLife, iWork, Aperture, iTunes etc. Apple’s own web browser, Safari, is no far.

Just yesterday, we found an update for Safari Browser. It’s now available for both OS X Lion and OS X Mountain Lion. OS X Lion users can upgrade to Safari 6 and enjoy some of its features. I’ve mentioned ‘some’ because Safari 6 is perhaps made by keeping Mountain Lion in mind and hence, some of the Safari 6 features can’t be seen in OS X Lion.

Safari 6

With a more intuitive navigation and streamlined interface, only OS X Mountain Lion users will be able to use the biggest features of Safari 6. Some of the most prominent features of Safari 6 are:

  • Integration with Facebook and Twitter. Now we can directly share the url and websites that we are viewing from the browser.
  • Unified Smart Search Field. Following the same scheme of Chrome and Firefox, Safari unifies the navigation bar and search box in the same bar.
  • Offline Reading List. Now Safari saves the contents of the websites for your reading list so that you can keep reading even if you don’t have Internet access.
  • View enhanced tabs. Thanks to multi-touch technology.
  • Do Not Track. A new optional to enhance privacy standard. Once activated, it will send requests to the web sites we visit not to save our activity on the Internet.
  • iCloud Synchronization for tabs and bookmarks . From now on, if we have an iCloud account, our bookmarks and tabs are synchronized between devices. Feature similar to the one in Chrome.

Download Safari 6You see, there are many new features that will be available for users of OS X Mountain Lion, though only a few of them are very innovative. In addition, users of OS X Lion will not enjoy all of them, forcing them to buy the new version of Mac operating system. Let us know about your view and expectations with the all new Safari 6.

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