Rumors Of A Google Nexus Tablet – What Am I Not Thrilled?

The logic and appeal behind the Nexus phones is easy to understand. These phones are developed and released on almost a yearly basis by joining hands with a single device manufacturer.

Wireless carriers as well as phone makers love to play around with Android, which means that whether it’s a HTC made Verizon phone or a Samsung made AT&T phone both run the same basic operating system. They might look and feel different but are essentially the same.

With the Nexus phones, Google consolidates this position well. A Nexus provides you the complete Google experience and not only are they better than other Android phones; they also get updates the fastest.

The story with Nexus tablets is slightly different as there is practically no association between wireless carriers and tablets. That apart, most of the Android tablet makers today have stopped short of making huge changes to the OS and have instead relied on minor tweaks that have actually helped improve the experience. This approach has also managed to retain the usual feel and look of Android.

As for the updates to the software, most big tablet makers like Asus, Acer, Motorola and Samsung have announced that their line of tablets would be upgrading to Android Ice Cream Sandwich from the existing Honeycomb version. Even in the scenario of Google working on its own tablet, ICS updates will probably be seen on these tablets first.

The Bigger Issue is With Apps

The single biggest issue concerning Android tablets like the Nexus Tablet, is not if they are running an untouched version of Android. It rather concerns the availability of some great and usable tablet-specific apps. Ice Cream Sandwich will bring in a higher degree of scalability and compatibility of Android smartphone apps to the tablets, but that would still fall short of an ideal big-screen experience.

It’s hard to imagine the situation improving with the Nexus tablet. This is more so if the rumors of a 7” tablet from Google are true. That size will simply make it easier for smartphone apps to be scaled up.

The best bet for Android to take on the iPad will be courtesy a 10” tablet made in collaboration with Amazon. This should notch up good sales numbers, which in-turn will encourage app developers to submit their programs to both the Amazon Appstore as well as Google’s own Android market.

The Truth As It Stands

My reaction to the whole news of Nexus Tablet can be called sceptical. That’s the way I see it mainly because of two reasons – first is I don’t trust Digitimes’s claim of the Nexus tablet being a 7 incher to compete against the Kindle Fire and not a 10 incher as originally thought.

Second is that Eric Schmidt has only hinted and not confirmed in anyway the plans for such a tablet. The truth at the moment is that nothing can be said for certain.

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