Review: VIZIO Class Razor LED Smart TV

VIZIO Class Razor LED Smart TV is undoubtedly the best TV I have ever seen. When I came to know about this TV I had been waiting desperately for its release the reason may be was its incredible low price.

I purchased this TV few weeks ago and got startled by the big Smart LED TV with the design that is of extremely high quality and the best value picture.

The Slim Frame Design

The VIZIO Class Razor LED Smart TV has 1080p high definition resolution. The TV has the design which is of slim frame and ultra thin which makes it look amazingly attractive in the centre of the living room.

I am able to enjoy the action in crystal clear images and the ones that are eye popping. The latest design that is slim frame allows me to enhance my entertainment space by being fit to the big size of the TV screen.

The VIZIO Class Razor LED Smart TV consists of the VIZIO applications which work with the built in Wi-Fi in the TV. This Wi-Fi serves as the passport to the entertainment world. I am able to enjoy TV shows, movies, music and many more in my TV by streaming them via internet.

The slim design enhances the beauty of the room where the VIZIO Class Razor LED Smart TV is placed.

VIZIO Class Razor LED

VIZIO does not have any application store neither any of the paid application choices. But there is a Yahoo Connected TV Store that has numerous free and useful options like eBay, AOL HD, Fandango, SnagFilms, iHeartRadio, Vimeo, Wealth TV 3D and WSJ Live.

Keyboard Remote

By using the smart remote features which is quite powerful I am able to enjoy the power of keyboard. There is a built in keyboard which gives me freedom in order to text family and friends.

By this I can even play games and can search the applications very easily. The keyboard is roomy and quite average for random use. It needs to flip the remote to the front in order to enter the numbers.

I have to keep the front edge of the remote aimed at the screen because this remote functions the infrared to signal the TV, this appears quite unnatural. If I hold the remote perpendicularly to my face then many of the buttons which I press does not get registered.

This is the reason why Bluetooth and the other wireless technologies are superior to the infrared especially for the purpose of the living room keyboards.

The VIZIO includes the same type of the menus on this TV set as seen in the other Smart TVs. The menu system is quite similar to the application apparently. The section is the picture settings are quite good and I like it as it is integrated in the application taskbar which is the main one.VIZIO-LED-LCD-HDTV

The response I received was good and fast with the complete explanations because of which I did not have any problem in order to find anything. It also includes the set up process guide which is quite easy and understandable. There is also an unusual onscreen complete manual.

Brilliance of Razor LED

Each and every bit of the picture details are shown in the VIZIO Class Razor LED Smart TV due to the LED backlighting. The rich colours and the vivid details are excellently shown.

Thanks to the high definition 1080p resolution. The refresh rate is of 120 Hz. The picture quality is sharp and crisp.

Vibrant Colours and Innovative Technology of the Picture

The VIZIO Class Razor LED Smart TV delivers the deep black colour and the bright white with extremely beautiful picture. From the dazzling jet black to the fresh pure white and every other shade of the colour in between, this VIZIO Class Razor LED Smart TV provides terrific contrast which display every image with the spectacular intensity and the realism.

The VIZIO Class Razor LED Smart TV is equipped with the features that are qualitative and are of image quality that are state-of-the-art. The TV delivers the experience of unrivalled entertainment.

The widescreen which is 21:9 in aspect to the ratio delivers the authentic cinematic movie experience beyond anyone’s imagination.

There is smart dimming in the VIZIO Class Razor LED Smart TV by which brightness of the picture is delivered perfectly and the lifelike fidelity of the images is produced. This has become possible due to the local dimming zones in the TV.VIZIO-LED-LCD

In the VIZIO Class Razor LED Smart TV there are Light sensors which are ambient and self adjustable. These energy efficient and smart sensors adjust the picture automatically to the surrounding meaning in any room and adjust the brightness and produce guaranteed rich and detailed black levels.

The brighter, richer and excellent 3D movie experience is delivered by the VIZIO Class Razor LED Smart TV. The TV has the superior technology which has the battery free glasses.

Optimal Connectivity

The VIZIO Class Razor LED Smart TV contains the HDMI ports which are multiple in quantities in this way it gives me an ideal connection for cable of the laptop or satellite box, game console etc.

The USB connectivity has made it very simple and easy in order to share the videos and photos. I am able to listen to my favourite sound tracks with my friends and family.

The back of the TV has the strength for E601i-A3 along with the four ports of HDMI. These ports include one for component video, one for PC input, and there are two USB ports.


Due to the SRS high definition StudioSound in the VIZIO Class Razor LED Smart TV there is an excellent surround sound with deep bass. While watching the movies there is a clear dialogue delivery and the level of the volume is quite appropriate.

The VIZIO Class Razor LED Smart TV is worth buying especially in the price which it has. It has everything which fulfils the need of a SmartTV technology.

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