Review: Samsung UN32EH4003 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LED HDTV (Black)

As technology is showing progress, our work is somehow becoming easier. Gadgets are becoming better and efficient. Electronic media has taken over the commercial market and is quickly uprooting analogous products for our own betterment. You will find high tech gadgets for communication, information technology, transferring of data and a lot more.

Obviously the progress and development in these products is being made by man himself by understanding the future needs of the society. The technology today has made the world into a global village, where one continent communicates with the other with much ease. The challenges of traveling have been sorted out and a lot more has been done for the better existence of man in this era. Similarly, when we talk about media specially, then the biggest source that everyone has is of course the television.

The television truly happens to be the single most dominant figure of communication for many far apart countries and even regions like the north and the South Pole. Obviously the internet has taken much of its place, yet the television still happens to be the number one viewer’s choice for information, as well as entertainment.


With time, even progress led to voice films, colored screens, bigger display and the capacity to showcase more than a hundred channels. Today, the television after going through many revolutions is in the shape of an LED. Yes, from the fat bodies, to slimmer and then LCD’s, now we have the LED, light emitting diodes in our screens.

The LED television is readily available in the market to be bought. It has become a common appliance now. It is basically a flat screen television where images are constructed due to transmission of light emitting diodes. Since, these diodes are light in weight; hence, they can be used to manufacture big television display screens. The quality and quantity of light and colors that can be transmitted on to the screen can be judged by the quality of the crystals being used, as each crystal gives us a different result.

Many major companies are manufacturing LED’s today for they are highly popular among the general public. One of these multinational companies is Samsung. It takes care of most of the needs of its public and makes sure that is gives high quality products. With many facilities, it makes sure that it gives the most basic like the connection with input devices.

Samsung LED HDTV

Samsung LED HDTV allows a consumer to connect laptops, CD players, USB’s, hard disks, cameras etc. Other than that, Samsung gives you the best audio there is available. I am quite a fan of Samsung. I have used its cellphones and Led televisions and the sound effects are quite clear. There is much clarity in the screen as well as in the audio while using speakers or headphones. Other than this, it also gives us a full HD experience. In its best LED televisions, you get world class experience. Samsung is a renowned company and gives you the best definition display and audio there is in the market to offer.

The Samsung UN32EH4003 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LED HDTV (Black) itself is a remarkable product. With High Definition Picture Quality, you can also connect and share movies and other data. I experienced a wide color enhancement and a as they promised, a clear motion rate of 60. Even though a 32 inch may sound small but it did fit perfectly with my television lounge, yet, it is available in many different sizes.

You also get a TV stand with the Samsung UN32EH4003 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LED HDTV (Black) which makes it feasible to place in its desired designation. It surely is an energy efficient product, hence, environmental friendly, and it belongs to the Samsung television series 4 which produce excellent and perfect pictures.

The color enhances PLUS lets you view vibrant and very close to natural display. It allows you to watch the entire RGB spectrum at its peak, as though the image is brought to life. The Samsung UN32EH4003 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LED HDTV (Black) even has the new and improved Dolby Pulse which is in true words a much developed surround feature for a Television’s audio, which is produced from connected devices.


The clear motion rate 60, also known as CMR is a program to judge the speed of your television to showcase fast moving images. So technically, LED televisions with CMR from 60 to 120 assures you jam packed fun with full action and detailed imaging, with the sharpest and vivid details and the most suitable contrast to best suit your lighting.

Many other features like the HDMI, high definition multimedia interface, help transmit bot high quality audio and video with the help of a single cable. This comes of much use when we are connecting the television to Blu-ray player, satellite receivers and HD cable TV for we can fiddle with the image quality and set it according to our input source or device.

Over all, it is light weight, available easily everywhere and by far one of the best products put forth by Samsung up till now. I personally bought it a while back and happen to love it from day one. From the instant I got the box open and lifted it all by myself, I knew it was worth it. Its original volume isn’t really that high. But if you want it to be loud, you can get it connected to a home theater system and easily hear it at full volume.

It got a general four and a half star rating. It comes in a suitable price, not much really but with a guarantee to blow your mind with its exclusive features. It is considered a wide screen TV because of its 16:9 ratio aspects. All in all, you can buy it off the internet or authentic retail stores of Samsung itself too. For any complains and suggestion you can directly contact the company. You can easily get anything repaired and fixed straight from the company too.

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