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The Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has been the biggest launch of the Samsung for the year 2012. It is the most recommended smartphone of Android ever since it has been started reviewing that is back in June. It has AMOLED high definition enormous 4.8 inch screen that has a 1280 into 720 pixels in resolution and housed inside a shell which has thickness of 8.6 millimetres and weight of 133 grams, feels really big when held in hands.

The colours of the screen are startling and the size is incredibly perfect to watch the videos. Samsung really put in great effort in this development of amoled screen. This device is just 16% larger than the previous one that is S2 but still seems huge.

This smartphone has the ability to track the eye when you are looking it, the display will not be dimmed or turned off unless you look at it, this feature inspired me a lot as I keep on using multiple applications all the time for instance Skype, Viber, Whatsapp when I am not typing any messages or not touching the phone it does not get turn off unless I do not look away from the phone, screen stays as long as I am looking at it. This option can be set if person wishes, as I always set my “smart stay” option.

The other good thing about the phone is when I open up any saved contact that are present on home screen and bring my phone nearer to my ear then it connects the call itself, this “direct call” feature is quite unique as it minimizes various efforts of touching your phone for making calls. The S-voice enables me to control my phone via voice that is when I need to turn up the volume I simply ask it and it is done. I can even ask questions to it.

The amazing face zoom and slide show options which is needed to tap twice for zooming in. The slide show runs automatically and generates zoom in as individual pictures appear it zooms in faces of every person present in the picture. In order to stop the picture to become blurry there is an excellent and super high ppi.

The other feature known as “smart alert” which bursts shots and best pictures with the camera of 8MP and offers burst modes of 20-shots and chooses the picture which is best. This feature proves that photos are also possible just like video filming.

I enjoy the option of the tagging of friends which is automatic and there is an option to send the pictures directly which are identified, this is done by Buddy Photo Share. The profile information of the social media can be displayed on the screen. The option of group tag lets e tag numerous people in a single go only if I set this option up.

The files also get transferred in a high speed through NFC and also direct Wi-Fi in between two phones which are touched together and operate at 300Mbps. There is another function in which I play videos on any home screen known as Pop Up Play. I can even share the screen of my phone to Television and use the screen as a remote control.

The speed of the phone is incredible and optimized UI definitely the most. It runs extensively smooth which definitely cannot be done with the other smartphones such as LG, HTC etc.

The phone is quite sensitive as it is prone to breakage. One can even use the one that has extended battery as the battery timing is poor, it is one of the major cons of the phone as I am a heavy user and keeps on using certain applications so for me the battery life has proved to be extremely poor. On average it can run for more hours but for me hardly 8 hours and then it is gone.

When I watched a video which had the time duration of 2 hours my battery reduced to 70% from 85%. However better than the Samsung S2 which could reduce even more and while browsing in S2 it could have been reduced to 20 or 30 percent but in S3 reduces 10%.

The sound quality is excellent, I have been listening to various favourite tracks of mine lately and enjoyed to maximum. It has even a fascinating radio which cannot be found in iPhone.

The smoothness is exclusively buttery whether you run games or you just scroll. The S2 was made up of plastic and was very light and gave the appearance of being cheap smartphone whereas S3 is proved to be the Samsung’s answer of all the questions and criticism related to S2. The S3 is made up of poly-carbonate and therefore, feels very light in hand along with having an elegant and rich appearance and shiny body which feels solid. Although it is much lighter but astonishingly it is 5 grams heavier than OneX.

There is a new and latest TouchWiz that feels just great. There is a ripple effect while unlocking it which is terrific and enjoyable. The Samsung Galaxy S3 can be connected to the computers and also flashmemory. The Bluetooth function is quite easy unlike iPhone which works with iTunes only and due to having absence of Bluetooth many people do not prefer keeping it for long time.

It is definitely an extra ordinary and best purchase currently. I highly recommend it for all the ex-users of iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S2. However no device is perfect as in every phone you will find certain cons which might be fine for others and unsuitable for you.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is an unlocked phone and one of the best cell phones ever tried by the maniacs who are collectors of latest cell phones. It has a flat, slim, light, beautiful and sleek body with a great elegant appearance which shows the richness and excellence of a smartphone when carried. It is undoubtedly a quality smartphone.

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