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The phone Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is just superb. The processor is quite small than the previous big S3. The actual S3 is although one of the top smartphones of Samsung currently. The mini version apparently looks smaller especially at the first glance. The processor is a bit slow and the screen is comparatively dull. The camera is less capable. But overall phone is superb.

Basically I got everything in it that the actual Samsung Galaxy S3 has but got them in a compressed and mini sized. The difference is there in some of the specifications such as the processor and the camera. The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini has the dual core processor but I found it much faster than my previous iPhone 4S.

The common complain of this phone is that the NFC is not supported in it. They are probably unaware that NFC works with certain markets only. It apparently looks same as actual S3 but when I had it myself I soon noticed the difference. It is slightly thicker that is almost 10mm. The display is of 4 inches only unlike original which has 4.8 inches. The Mini has a resolution of only 480×800 pixels whereas original one has 720 x 1, 280 pixels which is a vast difference.

It is to be admitted that the screen still is too much big in size for some people who have been using smaller ones previously. But there should have been the standards of high definition credentials retained in the mini S3. However the AMOLED technology is still there which gives brightness, vibrancy and boldness. The only difference is it does not show every detail sharp enough.


The camera of Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is of 5 megapixels that is surely unable to be matched with the original’s picture quality of 8-megapixel. On the other hand it takes a bit long time to focus. However, the picture quality is not that bad. The colours are sort of natural with so many options of focus; some extras are also there such as panorama and smile shot. There is also a front camera which is of VGA quality. By front camera the video calling can be done appropriately. The main camera recording can be up to 720p.

When it comes to storage you can add extra SD card of either 8GB or 16 GB and even 32 GB unlike Nexus. Surprisingly the hardware of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is quite similar to the original Samsung Galaxy S3. The only external connection it has is in the form of Micro USB Port. The SD card is slotted inside beneath battery with the space for a SIM card of regular size.

When you discover what is inside Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini you will find everything that a smarphone has including a high speed Wi-Fi. It has the ability of accessing to Wi-Fi hotspot as well with the Bluetooth 4.0. The music can be streamed to the speakers as well as headphones with A2DP.


The Android 4.1 operating system runs in Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. It has the TouchWiz skin which is draped upon it and is of the Korean company. Personally I am a great fan of TouchWiz and have liked it ever since the Samsung Galaxy S3 was launched.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini has the same effect that is watery on the lock screen. There is a huge range of the motions controls such as turning the device to mute while incoming calls, pausing when the music is being played, the phone can be tilted so that the photos can be zoomed in etc. All that is necessary is the purpose of using these applications as when you are unaware how to use them then there is no use of having them in your phone.

The Smart Stay feature which is one of the most popular features of the actual Samsung Galaxy S3 is also included in the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini which has the feature that is “inspired by nature”. It has the ability to keep my phone’s screen unlocked as long as I keep staring the phone. The moment I keep my eyes away from phone the phone will be locked. For me it is very useful as most of the times I need to keep my screen unlocked especially when I am multi-tasking. On the contrary it looks as if the front facing camera keeps on watching me which seems little creepy but jokes apart it works really efficiently.


The applications shortcut is there with the home screens which are 7 in number. Therefore, it provides sufficient space to set the most usable applications up there such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile data etc.

The link of the full settings applications is also there. You can simply slide in order to set the brightness of the screen. There is no more a function of the auto screen brightness as it is removed by Samsung in the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. Therefore, you need to adjust the brightness yourself in order to have the most of it.

Although it is very less powerful than that of the quad core original Samsung Galaxy S3 but it really feels responsive and attractive. The home screens flies by at the slight touch. The notifications I usually see coming through and then being opened very quickly. Also there is no delay in the multi-tasking when too many applications are on the run at the same time.

If you are one of those people who keep on playing 3D games and they get interrupted by text messages and emails at the same time or watching some videos and receiving several notifications which diverts your mind. For this troublesome situation the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is the right choice for you as there is Pop Up Play which will overcome all such troubles.

The Pop Up Player is basically an icon which is present in video player and helps you to bring your video to a small window which you can easily drag to anywhere in the screen while your other applications are on the run.

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