Review: Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100

Samsung has amazed people tremendously in the recent times. Especially this year it astonished me after the release of its Samsung Galaxy Camera. When I saw this camera I couldn’t resist purchasing it right away. It is the kind of camera which performs all the tasks that are performed by a smartphone except for making regular calls (GSM).

The Samsung Galaxy Camera has the functionality of Android operating system which is 4.1 (Jelly Bean). The camera has even the capabilities of Wi-Fi, 3G and GPS. There is also a Bluetooth connectivity that is used to connect the internet from the camera directly. It assists greatly to me in order to have access to my Twitter and Facebook accounts. It has reduced the hassle of first transferring the pictures into some Laptop or Tablet and then uploading them. As now I can directly upload my pictures to my profiles.

I am able to download numerous applications from Google Play which is the application for Android market very easily. The high definition voice conversations have become possible by having Skype in my Samsung Galaxy Camera. I am now able to overcome the poor video conversation.

Another attractive feature in this camera is its 21x optical zoom. This terrific zooming quality can easily show me the view of the objects taken in a snap very closely. There are the basic features in the Samsung Galaxy Camera such as face detection, image stabilization, smile detection etc. apart from photography the Samsung Galaxy Camera does excellent video making too in the complete high definition form.


There is a 1.4 GHz Quad-core cortex-A9 CPU in the Samsung Galaxy Camera which is powered by the battery that is Standard Li-ion. The internal storage of the camera is 8GB and a 1GB RAM. But you can expand the memory up to 64 GB with incorporation of the Micro SD card.

The screen of the Samsung Galaxy Camera is extremely attractive with 4.8 inches. The screen is incredibly clear. It has the LCD screen which is Multi-touch quite similar to the smartphones. The introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Camera was in the form of a “convergence device” that is it is a smart camera which is powered by the Android’s latest version.

I have been using mobile for photography since many years. Over the years I have learned the tactics of perfect photography but with mobiles only as I always found operating a typical digital camera unnecessary since I believed I can better do with smartphones. Moreover it was easier for me to upload photos via mobile to my social networking websites. But after the release of Samsung Galaxy Camera I completely changed my preferences.

The convenience and the ease of this device have given me various opportunities to discover what is beyond a traditional camera. With greater enthusiasm I have started capturing images and then suddenly uploading the best ones then and there via the same device. This is just incredible! Isn’t it?


This Samsung Galaxy Camera is something which has given me the freedom to capture images and share them from anywhere. It has surely minimized the hassle of carrying professional camera and various other equipments. However it are used in such a manner that gives the best sharing and uploading experience ever, be it photos or videos.

The growth of the social media and the great adoption of the mobiles and gadgets have increased a lot in the current times. People want to stay connected to their friends and family wherever they go and always want to share whatever they are doing instantly on their profiles on various social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Even though some of the people are not too much photography freaks but still they wish to upload their best photographs on social networking websites. Samsung developed this camera by focusing these realities and surprised many people.

The crazy iPhone user will also be astonished to see this new development made by Samsung. It has been observed by me that many people think that they do not need to get a compact digital camera as their smartphone has a camera which is good enough for all purposes. It is however strange to see that same people have changed their opinions and bough the new Samsung Galaxy Camera as the found it better than their most beloved mobile.


When I hold my Samsung Galaxy Camera the added security is provided with a wrist strap especially useful while holding with one hand. In this way finger grip is achieved appropriately. The grip of the Samsung Galaxy Camera allows me to use the zoom button and also the shutter button with my same hand. The thumb is free and by which I can easily access to the icons on the main menu in order to help myself in changing the shooting modes. Whenever I rotate the camera in order to review the photos then the lens of the camera starts making nice finger hold which therefore, feels quite comfortable.

After turning on my Samsung Galaxy Camera I felt it a bit slower than the other compact digital cameras. The reason for this is this device boots the operating system of Android 4.1. Then directly this camera opens in a camera mode same as of other cameras. I can access to the Home icon anytime and will be taken to the Android screen directly in order to access all the applications and the widgets. The camera whenever is left to for the home screen of Android then it will itself close the lens in order to provide the comfortable and easy handling.


The shooting mode initial most is Auto by default but whatever changes you will make it will remember and will keep the same next time the camera is turned in. There are three shooting options which are: Auto, Expert and Smart. Mostly I prefer “Smart” because it suits my general needs of photography. Conclusively it works great and fulfills my requirements.

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