Review: Panasonic DMP-BDT220 Integrated Wi-Fi Blu-ray DVD Player

I purchased Panasonic DMP-BDT220 Integrated Wi-Fi Blu-ray DVD Player and before buying it I have been really confused whether it will be a good idea getting it or not since there are various other options in the market that are of different prices and fits my budget. But eventually I made a choice of Panasonic DMP-BDT220 Integrated Wi-Fi Blu-ray DVD Player. When I got it I got startled by its amazing performance. Firstly there was an option of entering security password and then the device got connected to the Wi-Fi network.

Panasonic Player focuses on home networking in smart way. The sound and picture display is of excellent quality. I can use this device in extremely easy manner. It is of eco-efficiency and has a sleek design which creates an elegant appearance. The Panasonic Player BDT-220 is a high definition 3D and Blu-ray disc player. One of the major features of this device are its expanded functionality of VIERA Connect, its compatibility of Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) as well as its sound image is superior and of excellent quality.

I experienced unlimited entertainment via Panasonic’s VIERA Connect which is expanded for Blu-ray products and it utilizes the cloud technology which gives numerous entertainments such as gaming, social networking, sports, health and fitness as well as various new sites. My experience of Blu-ray has been enhanced more with the use of Panasonic DMP-BDT220 Integrated Wi-Fi Blu-ray DVD Player as I enjoy video conversations via Skype in such a way that I never imagined before.

I enjoy Netflix, listen to my favourite songs with videos on YouTube, enjoy excellent Facebook and Twitter experience, even enjoy the Amazon Instant Videos, Huluplus, Vudu, CinemNow, Pandora, My space, Flixter and there are numerous other internet content which I can be entertained of.


By using social networking applications I am able to access to different social networking sites and can easily communicate with my beloveds while watching TV simultaneously. I can even watch live sports along with chatting with my friends once the game unfolds. I can find movies of my choice as well as video by just a single step searching which allows me to cross search from the multiple services of VOD. It makes easier for me to enter a keyword on VIERA connect in order to retrieve my desired search in much faster way. I can even customize my screen according to my choice and group the applications which I use commonly and thereby displaying them in order to use them on the screen whenever needed.

The images if high quality on Panasonic DMP-BDT220 Integrated Wi-Fi Blu-ray DVD Player is due to the 2D technology which is an advanced technology of Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory. This is applied to the image playback of 3D. There is a conversion of 2D-3D which converts the 2D images into 3D with perception of natural depth. The screen can be selected according to the choice whether round or flat. The frame colours can also be selected easily. I simply watch my favourite movie on DVD in 3 dimensional views and enjoy to a much greater extent than expected.

At times my friends come to my place to stay in order to enjoy the full cinematic quality of the picture. This is because Panasonic DMP-BDT220 Player not only supports DVDs and Blu-ray discs but also supports the 24p format of the movies content which is used in the theaters  Since my TV supports 24p playback, this can be done by connecting a TV capable of 24p with an HDMI capable which makes us enjoy a huge array of movies content with a complete cinematic quality of picture.

The complete high definition Blu-ray Disc Player which is 3-Dimesional and features the signal processing of UniPhier single chip which also eliminates the wiring that is unnecessary and as a result the noise is reduced and the sound signal is minimum. The super resolution processor of DVD assists in producing pictures in a natural way without any false contours. There is a detailed high resolution and much reduction in noise.


By simply connecting to a home network (LAN) I share and enjoy the photos which are JPEG, MP3 and WMA music and WMV, AVHD videos. The high and excellent quality of image processing which is a technology developed in order to process precisely every pixel of the video signals of Blu-ray discs in the horizontal and vertical directions in order to produce an excellent colour resolution.

I can personalize the experience of home theatre by using the mode of multi user on my Panasonic BDT-220. It can be used by simply registering four users and every user is able to record songs his or her choice on individual basis. There are 16 images which are pre-installed and the user can select personal icon from them or pictures from any other external source. I have downloaded an exclusive application of Panasonic and I can easily use my phone as a remote control, I actually have iPhone but those users who have Android based smartphones can also be benefited in similar way.

There are few cons of this player which includes the absence of the second HDMI connection or the component connection of high definition on the back part of this device. But since I already own an HDTV so for me it was not an issue as I connected my Panasonic Player directly to HDTV I have by using HDMI connection.

Whereas when I use it for streaming Netflix it works well without any issues, but you might have heard people saying that it does not support Netflix then let me tell you the usual troubles are related to Netflix only not this player. Apart from this I used various other applications which are internet based and they all worked well. I did not find any trouble using them. The load time of Blu-ray is however exceptional as it takes 3 to 5 seconds to load.

Overall this is a tremendous Wi-Fi player and I am very satisfied with it. The excellent Blu-ray Wi-Fi player by Panasonic is definitely worth buying.

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