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I was one of the craziest users of iPad and I love to collect gadgets. I have been buying several products from Amazon since couple of years. When I got to know about the release of the new tablet by Amazon I immediately started reviewing it. Kindle Fire HD which has been introduced by Amazon with a price that is too attractive that customers do not believe at first. It consists of the amazing screen and amazingly attractive graphics.

It has an excellent Wi-Fi connectivity and is being considered as the best so far due to being extremely fast. The streaming of TV shows and the movies is very instant. You can access unlimited movies, applications, books and shows. This tablet has a very high definition screen that has excellent and rich colours which can be viewed at wider angles.

The tablet feels really nice when held. It is quite heavy but that does not trouble me much. The back has rubber that is useful to have a grip. As said earlier also that the screen is extremely amazing. Many games run tremendously but few of them were not of that much high definition as expected means they were not apparently very smooth on screen. The touchscreen does not seem very responsive to me as I expected but it does work fine.

The sound delivered by this tablet is incredibly awesome and of a very high quality. The sound is big and the design is compact. Crashing has not yet been experienced by me. I watched videos on Netflix as well as on Amazon Prime. Moreover it is quite portable and I can easily carry it with me wherever I go. I set up my library on Amazon Cloud and can have access to my books even when I am away from my home I can easily search for the books I need.


The quality of the image is quite stunning and tremendous. The new software has been unleashed by Amazon in Kindle Fire which is the Swype application and camera application. The camera is front loaded which allows me to do still photography and I can save them to my picture library. I am able to type correctly by using Swype as I drag my finger in between the alphabets on keyboard.

There is an extremely amazing application especially for kids known as Kindle FreeTime which is an unlimited service fully dedicated for kids. I basically like it for my daughter. All I need to do is subscribing on monthly basis and then have access to it. It consists of the appropriate contents for kids that improve their learning. It includes some books which are child friendly, TV shows and movies. It also has certain games that do not require me to download the content that are additional.

The very first launch of the Kindle Fire was like an experiment. The effective cost which included even the cost of the charger and also offers much more than the price it has. The battery life is more than eleven hours that includes reading, watching videos, and surfing on the internet. The charging time is almost 4 hours. It gets charged with the accessory provided known as the Kindle PowerFast.


Some additional features are:

The Bluetooth is built-in. There is built-in dictionary as well, stereo headphones, speakers and headset. The volume is controlled externally. Front facing camera which is of high definition. There is accelerometer also and light sensor as well as gyroscope.

I take advantage of my Kindle Fire by carrying it to my work place where I can have access to my personal email account, some applications of personal use such as Android applications by which I stay connected to my friends and family from office as well.

The Kindle also Help me in translating which is often needed when I am working on some projects. I can send my documents of eBooks to my colleagues and customers via Kindle Fire’s Whispercast. It is an online tool which is included free by Amazon which helps me to distribute my contents wirelessly.

While I am on holidays or travelling with family I keep on getting latest updates from my office. In this way all the vital information are delivered to me in time. By using the Cloud Drive of Amazon I get directed to my PDF documents, Word documents and certain email spreadsheets. I can even upload them from my Mac.

There is Bluetooth connectivity which is integrated. This is very useful for me as I can easily connect to several wireless devices such as speakers, stereo headphones, keyboards and many more.

By having an access to the stores of Amazon’s contents, I am able to shop new books, games, movies and many more applications in much simpler manner. The Kindle Fire HD Tablet is integrated seamlessly with these stores. It reduced the troubles of switching into various applications and setting up of profiles and passwords.

In my free time I usually enjoy magazines in high definition display. These have detailed contents with illustrations that are just brilliant. There are attractive colours of the pages of magazine and the lay-outs which develops reader’s interest to maximum. The articles can be double tapped for more easy view.

There is a latest version of the Amazon Silk, which is actually a cloud accelerated browser and gives the reduction in the load time of the page to 30% than the previous one.

The video calls via Skype can be done in an extremely incredible high definition way. The Skype application comes pre-installed in the device and its front facing camera becomes more advantageous to do video calls by sitting comfortably.
Kindle Fire is integrated with Facebook as well. The HD Facebook makes me keep more addictive to it. I easily sync my favourite pictures at just a touch; even share some of my favourite passages straight from my book.

Conclusively it is worth buying for me. By using it I get to experience attractive online world full of entertainments.

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