Review: Google’s Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS

What you guessed? Not Jelly Bean for sure. Google calls it again a Jelly Bean. The Web giant launched its much awaited Android 4.2 operating system update and calls it Jelly Bean. Yes.

Well, the naming goes similar to Android 4.1 but not the features of course. Some new exciting features have been introduced in it and few have been now much improved. What it is? Let’s find out.

The most important feature, and of course the most noticeable one now, in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update is Photo Sphere. With this taking 360-degree panoramic picture has become easy. Also, you can share it on Google+ directly or add to the Google Maps.

I know you may be thinking what more exciting Google has included in the latest Jelly Bean. If I say only finger gliding will type letters and words for you? Yes, it is true. Also, the updated OS now knows what is the next word you are going to type.

Keyboard has gone smarter. With Gesture Typing writing messages on the go has become easier. Just glide your fingers over the virtual letters and the typing is done. With every letters the OS suggests your future word and you just need to glide your finger on the word instead of typing each and every letters of the word. More to these, you can finish up the entire sentence by just gliding over the suggested words one by one. Also, no need to worry about spaces in between the words. It is now done automatically.

Smartness of the keyboard does not end here. The Android’s dictionaries are more relevant and more accurate now. The text-to-speech capabilities have also been much improved. Voice typing has gone better and it works even without a data connection. Isn’t it too nice that you can type using your voice everywhere you go?

With the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update your tablet can henceforth become fully customized. Multiple users can use the tablet now enjoying their own homescreen, widgets, apps, games and background. What more, users can also enjoy individual levels and high scores in games. Also, it facilitates snap to switch between users instead log in and out. Ah! Sad to say this feature is only available for tablet users. May be smartphone users need to wait, but not sure whether it will really turn up in future anytime.

Now let me give a bit of cheer up news for smartphone users. You can share the screen of your phone on big screen, on an HDTV. You just need to connect a wireless display adapter to a HDMI-enabled TV and start sharing YouTube videos, movies, and any other content. So easy, and of course so quick.

The best part of the updated Jelly Bean OS is it has become easier and quicker to deliver you answer, explore and browse search results. Also, search the web with your voice and get the answer on the fly. It will speak up the answers to you. Thanks to Knowledge Graph technology.

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Let me become lip tied here and open up ears to hear from you. Do share your own views on it in the below given comment box.

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