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After being tired of the iPad I planned to get some other tablet. I got to know about Google Nexus 7 when Google announced about it. Google Nexus 7 is its own brand of tablet.

The Nexus 7 is the stunning tablet with 7 – inch display, longer battery life, more storage and also the mobile data so that you are connected.Nexus 7 is an amazing travel companion. With the mobile data on Nexus 7 I can take content from Google Play with me anywhere and Nexus 7 can even operate almost 200 GSM providers all over the world.

Google Nexus 7 is composed of the latest version of the Android which is 4.2 and is being the world’s most famous platform of the mobile. One can experience the advanced and modified keyboard which helps you to do more by customizing your own experience with the widget of lock screen and many more.Video thumbnail for youtube video Google Nexus 7: A Google Approach To Get Everyone An Android Tablet - PinDigit
Messages can be written very easily than before. It is possible with the Gesture Typing. All I need to do is to glide my finger over the alphabets in order to compose the texts or the emails in a snap.

The next word is predicted and anticipated by the keyboard. In this way you can power through the messages which is seen never before.Google Nexus 7 is made especially for Google Play. So in this tablet every entertainment you desire is present right in one place.

It includes the greatest collection of thousands of eBooks, thousands of movies, millions of songs and numerous TV shows. There is also a huge collection of the newest and latest magazines – plus more than 700,000 of games and uncountable applications.

Moreover there is no hassle about wires as the every digital content is saved in the cloud by the Google Play. In this way all the contents are available instantly.

Performance and Speed

Nexus 7 comes with a quad core processor therefore, it has tremendous speed. The pages are loaded pretty fast. Gaming is smooth and very responsive too. I can even run numerous applications.

The patented design 4- plus-1 provides the processing power when I need it. It also gives the efficiency of battery saving when I do not need.

Terrific Display

The display of the Google nexus 7 is designed specifically by keeping gaming in mind. The display is so amazing that playing games is enjoyed with full excitement and thrill.

As it has the quad core processor with the vibrant graphics and high resolution of about 1280 x 800 therefore, it shows excellent picture quality. It has the sensors like accelerometer and gyroscope which assists in exploring the games and applications which are more than 700,000 in quantity on Google Play.

Battery Life

For the battery of the Google Nexus 7 tablet it is said “Less charging and more doing”. It is said so because it works longer without the usual frustrating low battery problems encountered while using other tablets.

You can watch high definition video playback for more than 9 hours and apart from those, 10 hours of e-reading or web browsing and almost 300 hours of the time of standby.  Therefore, I spend very less time in charging and more time in using the device.

Wallpapers and WidgetsNexus 7

When I got it first I got entertained with the widgets and wallpapers etc. I customized the settings of my screen and then I started changing them weekly to keep myself find something new in the tablet. I completely appreciate what it offers me. Jelly Bean is extremely smooth and the User Interface is simply terrific.


The size of this table is just perfect. I am a crazy e-reader, I just love reading books and magazines online. This tablet is perfect for me in terms of e-reader applications.

I can even get my course books in the PDF format. In this way I am able to carry a number of my course books with me everywhere.

There are few cons which we discuss now:

There is an absence of the HDMI port. Apparently I find it a blunder by Google because Google is paying so much emphasis on their movies and various TV selections so I think by adding and HDMI port they would have made this tablet more advantageous.

There is no 3G model of this tablet up till now. The camera of the Google Nexus 7 is quite terrible. The front camera is of 1.2 mega pixels and it is not something about which you get excited.

There is no back camera and I am honestly unable to understand why? Because it is really a big deal. The front of the Google nexus 7 does not have any buttons that are hardware based.The application of gallery has a wide variety of photo editing tools in order to enhance the photos before sharing them.

The Google nexus 7 is made up of the glass and the plastic but it does not seem cheap, in fact it feels as premium as that of the Apple tablets. It is very slim and quite light in weight.

It becomes very comfortable while holding this device with either one hand or both. I can use it for hours without any discomfort in handling. It has one of the best backs which is made of plastic.

In short after spending so many months using the Google Nexus 7 I am glad to inform you that it is the kind of tablet that continues on giving. With incredible affordable price it brings numerous impressive specs and huge knowledge. This device is surely something which can be thrown in your bag without major troubles.

When you treat this device casually it is seen scratch free and works as well as it did when you first operated it after buying. The 7 inch screen and the light weight of the device make it a very versatile back up e-book, media player as well as mini gaming machine.

Google Nexus 7

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