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Nexus 4 is the latest smartphone which is Google branded manufactured by LG. It is a black slate which is almost similar or can be said identical to Samsung Galaxy SIII but there is no Home button unlike Samsung Galaxy SIII. Nexus 4 will be continuing the Android’s march by being not as cheaper and alternative to the Apple iPhone but will also be very desirable.

Nexus 4 is armed with the newest version of the software of Google’s Android. The SIM-free price of Nexus 4 can be very affordable only if it is obtained from Google but if you get it from other retailers, it can make a good impact in this year 2013. But the question arises whether it will be able to deliver the benefits or not?


There is an increasing collection of Nexus 4 in the Android market of smartphones. It posses the shade that is smaller than Samsung Galaxy SIII but it is a bit heavier. It feels really good to hold it in my adult male hands since it has that elegance with the edges that are tapered with finger-swiping sideways which is quite suitable which is seen when you use this phone.  It does not have the SD card slot like the other devices of Nexus.

Other than the absence of SD card slot it is designed in such a way that it does not possess battery removal option and this is also seen in Apple’s iPhones as well.


Nexus 4 has an excellent screen with a display of 1280×768 (330ppi) and 4.7 inch which is yes quite big, beautiful and bold enough whether you are watching video or making video calls or playing games. It also has functions which are handy along with extra space for emailing and web-browsing.

When you compare the pixels of Nexus 4 with the retina display of iPhone 5, then it is observed that both are amazing with bright, sharp and beautiful showcases ever since there is an evolution in the technology of touchscreen has been seen. Nexus 4 has the great performance in bright sunlight it is something which is handier not only in January but as the whole year passes by.

Processor, Battery and Storage

Nexus 4 is surprisingly powerful with a RAM that is 2GB inside for the speedy and efficient performance, CPU which is Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro with a quad-core packing. You can enjoy 3D games in Nexus 4 to extreme as the android software is making the experience of using Nexus 4 more amazing by keeping in mind the words “butter smooth”.

When we talk about the storage of Nexus 4, there are 2 models for Nexus 4: one is 8 GB and the other is 16 GB. But when we talk about iPhone 5, it has 16 GB and 32 GB or else 64 GB, also when compared with Galaxy S III there is the presence of microSD slot which is no similar in Nexus 4.


When it comes to Battery Life then it is seen that Nexus 4 compares quite well to the other phones like Apple’s and Samsung’s. With a heavy usage relatively the battery drops down quickly as seen in the other famous smartphones. Unfortunately it is a common problem in every smartphone that the battery drops down quickly after several hours of heavy usage. At times the battery life irritates me quite often. As I use my phone heavily for sending and receiving emails, for texting and talking but the phone has the battery life of only few hours, may be maximum to 7 hours.


An 8MP camera is included by LG on Nexus 4. It is located on the back of the phone. It functions extremely great on the outdoor light but when there is low light the pictures appear to be grainy. It has a strong flash though but not up to the standard of iPhone 5 and Nokia Lumia 920. The features are however accessible quite brilliantly and one can hold his finger on the screen anywhere when the camera is open and the easy access to menu will be presented to you.

Although not being as efficient as the cameras in Samsung Galaxy S III or iPhone 5 but it is perfectly fine since 98% of the users will prefer using it. There is an upload feature which is instant and much useful for the users of Nexus 4 even if it is with Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram applications, they all will continue as the funnels of main social-photo from Nexus 4. Moreover Google has included Photo Sphere for the Panorama shots that work brilliantly.

Video and Sound Quality

For videos also Nexus 4 serves brilliantly as it shoots at the resolution of 1080p with clear editing and uploading in easy manner to YouTube or short clips to social networks. There is a front camera with 1.3-megapixel which is quite fair for video calls and making conference calls from either Skype or Google+ hangouts.

The Google has its own house in order to look for contents. The Google Play is a library of contents which is supported by a music application and plays functionally. The sound quality of the music is just great. It is balanced nicely with handsome amount of details and its quite exciting without becoming overbearing.

Call Quality

When I use my Nexus 4 it feels quite lightweight, is easy to handle, and the screen is excellent. When I use for making calls then the quality is quite awesome the external feature of speaker works well. Even though when the signals are weak in my room the call quality is always good.


Applications on Nexus 4 run greatly. It can be downloaded both from Google Play and also from Amazon application store. I easily access my Kindle library on Amazon from this device which is quite fair as I do not get my applications getting crashed or the issue of locking up of phone. I also use the office pro and I really like it when I view the word or PDF documents the screen size is enhanced.

Some Downsides of the Phone

The absence of the slot of microSD card and there is no version with any more storage. There is the legibility of mediocre display sunlight. The battery is not replaceable. The camera is without the shutter key. There is an absence of LTE support. Another downside is no Bluetooth which is absolutely not a big one neither I can set up Wi Fi hotspot.

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