Review: Gateway NE56R34u 15.6-Inch Laptop

Gateways laptops are the ones that are quite affordable. At times they go on sale and make a person compelled to get it. Especially for the person who is looking for the laptops of a very low cost.

The Gateways laptops have the Intel Pentium Processors which are capable of delivering the balance of the technology in a proven way. It also has an exceptional value while being the energy efficient. It is quite ideal in the performance from day to day whether it is being used domestically or in the office or classroom.

The Gateway Series Notebook has the option of the Gigabit Ethernet connectivity which is superior used in the home. So it is up to you whether you want to go wired or want to use the wireless mode as can be used wireless as well.

The latest Windows 8 is there which is intuitive, smooth and is designed to allow you to perform whatever task you want and in whatever way you want. I am able to place whatever I wish for in my start screen and in this way I get the quick access to the applications, sites, people and many more. The time spent is less on searching and more time is spent on doing.


There is a LCD display of the LED – blacklit is of high quality and is of 15.6 inches in size. The screen is ultra bright and shows 720 p, made purely for the optimum entertainment. It brings the imagery very crystal clear and consumes less energy. I am able to play the latest movies in high definition, and the digital contents are enjoyed in the complete High definition manner. The media is purely of the true cinematic view.

In order to pop up any movie in my laptop but at times I wish to watch in the big screen, so this has been not a problem at all as there is a super multi DVD Drive of the double layer which makes it very convenient. Due to the presence of the HDMI port in my Gateways laptops it has provided me with an option of enhancing my experience of high definition viewing of the movies to any of the TV which is HDMI equipped or even a digital monitor.


The graphics in the High Definition of the Intel are integrated and is capable of delivering performance that is turbo charged in order to bring the entertainment world that particularly include games to the real graphics.

One can be social by having access to the social networks 2.0 of the Gateway. This application connects to the most famous sites of the current times for instance launching of Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube with just a single push and there you are log in.


The touchpad which is multi gestured is quite smooth. I am able to flick, swirl or pinch my fingers on it for the intuitive usage which is mouseless in order to navigate the pages or photos and many other things.

The keyboard is quite comfortable and can be extended as a numeric keypad independently. This makes number keys to stream the productivity. The card reader called as the Multi – in – 1 Media is eligible of making the transference of files and other sharing of the media very convenient and easy. As it is tangle free and cable less so it has made a way for the photo transference and other transference of the digital files from my portable devices.


With this series of laptop I feel secure. Just a single click is able to launch the MyBackup solution from Gateways. This has made it quite simple in order to schedule and to create the backups of some chosen files or folders or of my entire system.

I personally feel like the battery life is quite good so far. It all depends how much you use your computer. I am not particularly sure about the advertised 4.5 hours but relatively it works well for 3.5 hours. Since Windows 8 is specifically designed for the touchscreen so I personally do not feel it compatible to be used in this laptop as it does not have touchscreen.


There are two built in speakers in this laptop which gives a relatively good sound quality. In my free time I play to my favourite tracks and enjoy them to the extreme. At times I have issues with my speakers in my Gateway laptop as they are average not too awesome. In the front there is a built in webcam of 3.1 mega pixel high definition. Whenever I do voice conversations with my friends and family I enjoy the high definition output of the webcam.

The USB ports available in this laptop are three in number. This multi USB slots are very beneficial for me as mostly I am in need to plug in my smartphone with the laptop in order to transfer files. On the contrary the travellers USB is all the time with me and for official work I need to plug in that at the same time. At times the camera cable is needed to be plugged in one of the ports.


Overall I am quite pleased with the laptop as it has the storage of 500 GB which is quite huge for the storage of the movies and music. I store my portfolios as well. The RAM in this laptop is of 4Gigs which is also very huge. The system unit weighs 5.5 lbs.

This laptop is a very good choice for the random use. I am quite glad with the speed it has Windows 8 so the speed is very impressive. Most of the times I face the software issues which really frustrates me and compels me to get back to my old PC but those issues if resolved once I again come back to my Gateway Laptop as I kind of enjoy it as well when it is working properly. Windows 8 is definitely not for the people who use computer basically for the email and browsing purpose.

As I am a working person and on and often I need to prepare projects so in this way the fast Windows 8 is quite ideal for me.

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