Review: Canon PowerShot A2300

Bought this simple and elegant camera Canon PowerShot A2300 4 months ago and it proved to be great. Since photography is my passion and I cannot afford the super professional cameras so I thought of getting something affordable but of excellent quality. Thanks to my friend who suggested me to get Canon PowerShot A2300 as she has been using it herself.

This camera is an amazing piece that makes easier for random people to capture memorable moments in a creative way. There is a smart Auto that recognize the shooting situations almost 32 predefined then what it does is simply chooses the most appropriate camera settings. The pictures came out to be outstanding and was real high definition one with 720p.

Canon PowerShot A2300 Camera can be operated in extremely easy manner. Shows the resolutions that are extra ordinary and the performance is extremely fast. The image quality is superb with the megapixels of 16.0. The image processor is DIGIC 4. The images captured are so tremendous and dynamic which are with the optical zoom of 5x and the lenses are of wide-angle with 28mm.

As I am a photography freak so I just love to carry camera with me everywhere. The more places I discover the more photography I do. So after having Canon PowerShot A2300 Camera which is very handy and is carried easily wherever you go I do not feel the hassle in capturing photos. Moreover the feature Smart AUTO is just great. It minimizes my efforts of adjusting settings before capturing any shot. The pictures are always of optimal quality. The Smart Auto also has Advanced Subject Detection which detects whether the moving object is human or non-human for example animals vehicles etc.


The high definition 720p videos can be recorded anywhere with just a simple and easy push of the dedicated movie button. The recorded videos are very smooth, beautiful, vivid and lifelike which makes it an ideal for me to capture my memorable moments with my friends and family. The Canon PowerShot A2300 Camera also has ability to shoot the videos at 640 x 480 VGA and 30 frames every second.

There is a dedicated movie button in Canon PowerShot A2300 Camera which helps you to capture video in the format of Apple’s iFrame. It is of a standard of computer friendly and it increases the speed of editing a video or importing any video. The file sizes in it are kept small which makes it more convenient to either upload the videos if high quality or email them. The format of iFrame is supported in video applications of Mac and Windows which reduces the time taken to convert the videos that also degrades the quality.

The image quality is extremely wonderful and clear. The pictures have the bright colours which make them more enhanced and shows every tiny details of it faithfully. Even if the pictures are taken from a distance the optical zoom of 5x makes it ideal and clear. The resolution is of a higher level which makes it ideal to create the large prints and also allows cropping the photos. The camera’s performance is fast with minimum battery consumption.

The standards of image quality, performance and function are set up by the feature in Canon PowerShot A2300 Camera which is called DIGIC 4 Image Processor. The outstanding and amazing optical performance is due to the 5x Optical Zoom in this camera. The shots are terrific even if taken from far distant locations.


I basically like its Digital IS feature a lot as my hand shakes while taking photos so I easily overcame this problem of mine by having Digital IS in my Canon PowerShot A2300 Camera. It has the ability to kill the blur; it recognizes main subject and the camera shake problems are corrected by it. When the main subject is the person then the processing of blur reduction is performed. For other photos such as those which include still scenes, landscapes etc. the camera shoots three shots and then compose them as one. If there is a moving subject then it takes three shots that are successive and then saves the image that is most clear automatically.

One thing which is most appealing about Canon PowerShot A2300 Camera is it is extremely easy to use even for those who are beginners and they are unaware of photography tactics. There is a help button with the icon of a question mark “?” on the extreme top right corner of the camera. By pressing it a menu displays on screen that guides a user with various topics that answers what you are thinking in your mind. The explanations are quite clear and there are some shooting advices also.

The battery of Canon PowerShot A2300 Camera is made up of Lithium ion and is rechargeable. This battery is the reason why camera is so light in weight. Apart from being lighter it is powerful also and the slim and sleek look of the camera is due to its battery only. It also charges very quickly and easily.

The extremely light weighed, decent, sleek and elegant Canon PowerShot A2300 Camera is available in 4 attractive colours. But the demand of the classic black one is always high as many photographers go for decency of black. However the ones which are in different colours are apparently vibrant and available in different and unique hues. The colours can be a choice for the ones who like funky and bright stuffs especially girls. You can select among the silver, black, red or blue.


Canon PowerShot A2300 Camera is perfect for capturing different moments which happen very rarely in the year. It captures snow scenes very clearly without darkening the subject. Also captures the fireworks brilliantly. The photos can also be taken in an extreme low light room and they come out to be terrific. At times in complete darkness as well the flash works so amazingly that the pictures do not need to be edited more for brightness issue. The camera is definitely a worth buying which is economical as well as high in standards.

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