Review: Blackberry Playbook 7-Inch Tablet

Ever since I owned Blackberry Playbook I found it quite better than the other similar devices such as iPad. It has extraordinary and stunning screen in which I enjoy web-browsing in an uncompromising way. There is a brilliant multimedia playback and true multitasking also. There is an advanced features of security as well and enterprise support out-of-the-box.

The Blackberry Playbook has thickness which measures less than an inch and weighs less than a single pound which makes it really easy for me to carry it in my purse to various places I visit. When I hold it in my hands it looks extremely elegant with a classy appearance. The Playbook has high resolution display of 7 inches and it supports 4 fingered gestures of multi-touch.

It has the ability to be connected to my Blackberry Smartphone through wireless and I easily gain access to my emails, address book, calendar, documents, task lists etc. The processor of Playbook is 1 GHz dual core with storage of 32 GB and the RAM is of 1 GB. There is GPS as well for navigation and quite helpful for the services which are location based.

The webcams are dual and high definition and makes my video chats work efficiently. I even record videos of my special moments and occasions and enjoy them in complete high definition manner. The pictures which I have been capturing from my Playbook have always shown a great result.

Playbook offers web experience of much higher fidelity along with Adobe Flash Player of version 10.1 supports. I enjoy numerous surfing of various websites, media and games which are even 3 dimensional. The motion sensing in 6-axis and the accelerometer which is built-in enables me to enjoy them to maximum.

Now, the key features that include: Uncompromised Web Browsing, terrific Multimedia, Multitasking, Blackberry Bridge, Extra Portable, Business Ready and many more applications.

The web browsing is extremely uncompromised in the Blackberry Playbook and is unlike that traditional mobile version which is scaled down; I am able to gain access to the entire web. Since the Playbook supports Adobe Flash Player 10.1, HTML5 and Adobe Mobile Air I truly enjoy full websites in the way they are designed.

Apart from surfing the video streaming is tremendously awesome and the games also are enjoyed the way they are supposed to be enjoyed. There is a sophisticated approach towards multitasking which gives more choice for me about how my applications run and allows me to experience my every need. Whereas there are various other applications which supports multitasking but not in the same manner as Playbook as in this it runs in real time simultaneously.

blackberry-playbook-7-inch-tablet-16gb_5303_500The multimedia is extremely stunning as Playbook offers an excellent experience of multimedia and I get myself fully indulged in whatever I do and enjoy to the maximum. I took my Playbook to various tourist spots as I am a photography maniac, the pictures and videos I captured came out to be extremely beautiful. Playbook saved me from not carrying camera with me when I was supposed to go on field trip and where I was in sheer need to do photography as it was a part of my study but thanks to Playbook, I captured numerous photos which actually seemed as if captured from my Nikon D80.

Apart from pictures I recorded video of 1080p also. One of the major features of Playbook is being ultra-portable. I can carry it anywhere I want to. It is extremely handy. The presence of its double camera on front and back enables me to do video conversations with my friends no matter where I am. The front camera has resolution of 3-megapixels whereas back camera has much better one that is 5-megapixel but the best part is both cameras captures videos to extreme high definition 1080p.

There is so much to discover in Playbook. A big catalogue having rich applications which are developed and been optimized for Playbook, all of them are available across the storefront of Blackberry applications. I have downloaded Blackberry Playbook application and Facebook for Blackberry which keeps me connected with my friends wherever I am. I upload pictures via my Playbook to Facebook and able to chat to my friends via Facebook Chat application and able to interact with them via notifications I keep on receiving.


As I own Blackberry smartphone as well so for me Playbook is more entertaining as I get access to BBM which is Blackberry messenger, emails, contacts, calendar and other related tasks from my Blackberry smartphone all of them display to my Playbook. Blackberry Bridge helps me connecting wirelessly and allows me to enjoy multitasking and various other applications on run. Playbook includes software like DocsTogo as well as Adobe Reader and supports for VPN connectivity enterprise and also cooperate browsing intranet.

Many people have been complaining about the small power button but I did not find it a big issue since it is used only when I need to start my tablet. All it needs to do is just swipe the screen from the top to the bottom. If you find the timeout to be too long then you can simply do this by following the settings option. Other than this I have not encountered a single freezing problem although I have been using it since months but not even a single time freezing occurred. Although this device loads the applications fast but not as fast as seen in its commercials but relatively I found it satisfactory.

When I link my Playbook to my Blackberry smartphone via Bluetooth then I am able to get the mirror of my email, calendar, contacts etc. it is called Bridge browser which enables me to surf entire internet through my phone’s browser and the 3G connection. Tethering is also there in Playbook which gives full access to data but there are certain carriers who charge for tethering.

The device has numerous drawbacks as well for instance there is no Skype application neither I am able to watch videos via Netflix as there is no Netflix also. One of the greatest drawbacks is the lack of Kindle application. There is no MLB application. But the videos can be watched via Amazon but the quality is compromised. There are various websites which auto directs the user to the version of the website which is for mobiles, the bookmarks cannot be re-named from browser neither the bookmarks can be re-ordered or cannot be put into folders, the GPS has not been enabled yet by the firmware and is not functional up till now whereas it is said that this feature will be coming soon, the cameras are although excellent but has limited connectivity that is with Playbook users only.


The battery timing is very satisfactory at least to me as when my Playbook battery is fully charged I can use it for about 15 hours and it gets charged much quickly to maximum that is 100%. At times I can even use my old Blackberry charger to charge my Playbook but it takes a bit longer to complete the charging. You can have a quick charging stand which works pretty well but a bit expensive.

A consumer friendly and professional grade experiences are delivered to the users of Blackberry Playbook that is redefining the mobile computing possibilities. The OS is just extraordinary! All you have to do is just bring the application with a touch and you need to scroll through and open applications by swiping to the center  The applications are opened when the context menus get open.

This tablet which is ultra-portable is great apparently and feels so smooth when handled. Ever since I bought it I never leave home without it and it has also limited the use of my personal computer as I do all my necessary work on it. Although my brother has 10 inch tablet but he always says that he likes mine because I can easily carry it anywhere.

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