Review: Apple MacBook Pro Newest Version

The newest version of the Apple MacBook Pro is cooler than the previous version. This latest version features the Intel’s third generation which includes core i5.

It has the speed of 2.5 GHz and it can be increased up to 3.1 GHz according to the workload. This is possible due to the Intel Turbo Boost Technology which has been updated.

When I bought it I was amazed with the graphics it has. It has Intel High Definition Graphics 4000 processor because of which I can get the graphics almost 60 percent faster.

This makes watching of the videos more smooth. When I make FaceTime calls and everything else it becomes very detailed and smooth.The data in the MacBook Pro can be transferred in much faster speed due to the high speed Thunderbolt.

The USB 3 ports are two in the MacBook Pro so because of this I can connect the newest USB 3 devices and can have access to the pipeline which is almost ten times faster than USB 2.New Version Macbook pro

If you are habitual of using Windows based computers then you will be experiencing a little tough time in order to learn the functions of Mac. But it will not take more than 2 or 3 weeks to get used to it.

Mac seems complicated but in general it is not, it is very simple to use and can make life easier.

The build of the MacBook Pro newest version is getting positive reviews. Although the screen of the latest version of the MacBook Pro is not too large as those of the Sony laptops which have 17 inch screen but it is still quite easy to look at. The screen of the MacBook Pro is very clear and is known to be the sharpest in the market currently.

The design of the laptop is so far one of the distinguishing features which make the laptop stands out. While looking at the Apple designs people really admits that there is no other company which could manufacture and design better looking devices.

This is one of the major reasons why people choose MacBook Pro and why it is the top seller. Apart from good looks the laptop is durable also.High Definition FaceTime Webcam By using high definition 720 p FaceTime Camera in my MacBook Pro I am able to connect with my family, friends and colleagues of work place.

This camera is the one that features the resolution thrice than the camera of the predecessor version.

This FaceTime application does not only limit me to do video calls with all the other Macs it also allows me to do video calls to the iPod users as well as iPhone users.New Macbook display

No Button on Trackpad

By not having any button on trackpad there is more space to click and track towards right, left, centre etc. I am able to move on the huge and silky surface of the glass as I get plenty of room without any separate button.

It also provides multi touch gestures that include pinch, swipe, rotate and also 4 finger swipes.  I can easily scroll huge picture libraries, lengthy web sites and long documents in much intuitive way.


I am very pleased with the display on my 13.3” MacBook Pro. It is just terrific and the resolution of 1280 x 800 on screen of laptop is just perfect for me. You will notice that the display is extremely bright and sharp.

It has tremendous viewing from sidewards. The glossy screen makes it amazingly bright, sharp and quite clear to view.


The speed of the latest version of the Macbook Pro is so fast and the laptop is very smooth to use. Whether I need to edit the videos or I need to edit photographs on any software, I see superb speed and efficiency.


Apple laptops are the top most especially when the performance is considered. The apple has implemented great technology into their laptops. The OS has reduced the chances of viral attacks to the laptops which keep your laptops free from foreign invaders and they run smoothly.


The keyboard of the MacBook Pro is another great benefit. It has the special lighting system which makes me type even in the dark. This special feature is for those who find difficulty in typing in the dark and no lights on. The alphabets get light up and it becomes very easy to type without the stress in the eyes.New Mackbook built

Not Prone to numerous Problems

Many of the Windows computers are prone to viruses and apparently I have observed that people are unaware of the power of the Mac. Once anyone owns Mac he or she will considerably notice the differences.

Simple Functioning

It is extremely simple to use. The screen does not get overloaded with various programs, although the widgets can be added to the screen of your laptop. Simpler the screen better the functioning.


Apparently getting Mac for yourself seems like a big investment but honestly once you are aware of its pros you will find it extremely worth it. It is undoubtedly one of the most expensive laptops but on the contrary it is worth every single dollar spent.

Battery Life

As the programs are much powerful so they need much energy and therefore, the battery shrinks so frequently and dies sooner. This problem is not seen in the laptops of the other companies but it is not a big deal as the difference is not too big.


Certain other issues have also been reported such as some heat issues. Mac gets heated just like every other laptop when they are used enough gets heated. It is better not to put your laptop over a pillow or a cushion as it makes it over heated. This is one of the ways to avoid the problem of overheating.

Undoubtedly Apple’s newest version of the MacBook Pro is the best product released. The best part is you will be getting all the benefits out of it.

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