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Apple Inc. has presented to the world many classy gadgets. From their mini iPod shuffles to the iPod touch series. They have put forth to the world the best touch screens and this is an undeniable fact. Personally, I am a fan of the Apple iPod Touch 16GB. It is an amazing product by Apple Inc. It is light; it is thin and is available in many different colors. Plus you can get your own customized cases for the iPod touch from any retail store or from Apple’s own authorized retail stores too.

From its physical appearance to its specifications, I am just in love with it. Anyone who really loves music needs to buy one of these because believe it or not it is what every musician needs. It is the best music player in the market with everything from the internet to gaming present in it.

The new iPod touch 16GB white is made from the exact same type of anodized aluminum casing as that used in manufacturing of the MacBook. The manufacturing processes are quite similar as well, since everything is enclosed in a single aluminum piece which happens to be one of the strongest kinds of aluminum available today. More about the design and physical appearance, it is really light.

Whenever someone lifts it, he or she notices the massive change in its weight for now it is thinner, better and lighter as compared to its previous models. Also, the super smooth finishing with the beveled edges makes it look wonderful. And of course, white, it is such an elegant color; it gives it a very decent look.


The one hand use of iPod touch 16GB white is still the same as the ones before it and hopefully after it. Hence, gaming becomes more intense and so does love for music and messaging. It is a gorgeous all in one package; it really brings out the love for the previous generations as well as this one. The 4th generation Apple iPod touch 16GB white has the Retina display which gives you a longer but not wider screen. This high quality display was most recently found in iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. it has one of the brightest, clearest and efficient screens ever. No matter what you do, everything seems more fun with the iPod touch 16 GB white.

The built in cameras are again one of the main features to be disguised openly on any forum. As cameras have become more of a necessity to us, rather than a luxury, a purchase now made should be worth it. Cellphones are coming with better cameras, thus, Apple feels it a necessity to give you a worthwhile experience with its iPod. The built in cameras are one of the most prominent features. With the front facing camera you can easily enable features like Face Time. This specification allows you to have face to face conversations with your beloveds who also have either iPhone 4, iPhone 4s or the 4th generation of iPod touch and even with Wi-Fi.

Moreover, the camera on the back side is a high definition camera with much clarity and capability to share the captured moments on social websites or friends. It is compatible for capturing pictures of good quality, as well as making videos. There are of course those best moments, family gatherings, and events etc. which are just so decent and deserve a snap to be remembered. Others of course are the ones with your friends hanging upside down, an amazing graffiti artistic wall which are to be captures too.

I have found my iPod to be useful in many of such situations for it is always with me and I have captured many memories. With the 5 mega pixels camera, you have the options to fiddle with the lighting and brightness of your picture and auto commands work great too. With the sapphire crystal camera screen, its clarity is only next to that of the diamond; hence you have the best camera up your sleeve. Many other features like face detection, LED focus and continuous shots are obviously built in.



An iSight camera can shoot videos of 1080p HD quality. Plus, the iPod touch 16GB white also gives you the opportunity to work on your captured snaps, editing, cropping and all commands can be exercised on the pictures with the help of the original Photo apps available. At the app store, you can also download iPhoto or iMovie for more options.

Apart from all this I am sure you must have heard of the new A4 core processor! Well, if you haven’t then it is not difficult to understand. Simply, the processor has been upgraded. The dual core power gives us twice the processing per unit with even better and faster graphics than all its previous generation. In this manner, games seem to be even more realistic and incredibly responsive which makes them more enjoyable.

Your fruit ninja and samurai sword play is sharper this time and your zombie dodging has become smoother. In short, this is your ultimate gaming experience on your portable music player with an extensive music gallery, internet access and messaging mayhem device.

The iPod touch 16GB obviously offers 16GB space for you. You can take pictures, add songs, and download endless applications and many games. The battery time of this iPod is obviously better than the previous ones because of the A4 dual core process0r. Now you can listen to 40 continuous hours of music or eight hours of videos in one single charge. Hence you can swing, race, slice, listen, watch and surf the internet. IPod touch 16GB white was released after the iPod touch 16GB Black. Not much difference in the features, but looks matter a lot to some people.

So now you have a white iPod touch 16GB with features that of the iPhone 4 or 4s to make it special. Today both are available at many authorized Apple Inc. shops. The iPod touch white 16GB is truly recommended by me.

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