Review: Apple iPod Nano 7th Generation Newest Model

The latest model of the iPod is the updated one and includes the vital improvements over the previous one. There are very less cons but I appreciate the substantial functioning of the device for most of the users.

The Apple iPod Nano is a digital media player that has the compact design and a screen which is multi touch. It is redesigned and is ultraportable. The multi touch display is of 2.5 inches. This tremendous digital media player allows me to play to my favourite songs, listen to FM radio, I can even browse music. This iPod Nano allows me to watch movies and the videos on the bigger and wider screen than its predecessor model.

The latest iPod Nano also consists of the several other features such as it syncs to the website of the Nike+ so that you can challenge friends. You can connect to the speakers, car stereos and the headphones wirelessly and it con

sists of the technology of Bluetooth built in.


It serves as an effective workout partner for you as it tracks the steps you take; your runs and also count the burned calories.


The extremely thin design makes it more elegant. It is as thin as the size of your credit card. It is 0.24 inches thin. In the latest model of the iPod Nano there is 2.5 inches of the Multi-touch display. This size of display is almost twice the size of the previous one. This benefits me to listen to the more music and watch more videos I have as well as photos.

The new iPod Nano is still very handy and can be used with one hand as the 5th generation one. I can easily access to the sleep/wake button, multi touch screen, and home button with my thumb. The one handed use is of many advantages for me as it does not interrupt my other activities on run.



In the new iPod Nano you are able to watch the recent episode of your favourite TV shows, home videos present in the iPod, and blockbuster movies. The perfect entertainment of watching videos is provided in the multi touch display of 2.5 inches. All you need to do is just tap in order to play or fast forward the videos, rewind them or pausing them.

Music and FM Radio

In the iPod Nano I play my favourite songs, complete albums, and everything else by artist. I am even able to browse the songs by the genres or the song composers. When I shake my iPod Nano it shuffles to the different track in my music library. I flip through the music by the album art.

You can even listen to the FM radio in your iPod Nano as my experience of FM radio is quite awesome. It keeps me updated with the happenings of different channels. The top latest stories, talk shows and recent music releases etc. I plug in my headphones in my spare time or returning home after work while relaxing and enjoy the Fm radio by controlling what I want to listen. In order to change the stations I flick the option of radio dial.

The interface of the FM radio is much better than the previous one. It allows me to select unlimited presets as I had never used such an excellent reception of FM in the past so I basically enjoy FM radio in my iPod a lot.


Addition of Bluetooth Technology

The upgrades are still not over as the new iPod includes the Bluetooth technology as well. I am able to transfer music and videos from my other devices that support Bluetooth to my iPod. This is a very beneficial addition for the majority of the iPod users. At times I pair my iPod up with my car’s audio system.

Addition of Play and Pause Button on Volume Control

On the volume control of the new iPod Nano there is an addition of play and pause button. This new addition helps me to stop the song from the volume control area only by clicking pause. I simply click to play to continue the song from where I stopped. I can even double click and hold for a few seconds for the purpose of cueing (forwarding). A simple double click can be done in order to move to the other track and triple click for the previous one.

There are few cons which are discussed below:

  • The ear pods which came with the iPod are of good sound quality but it lacks the remote function. This remote function is included in the earphones of many other devices of Apple recently whereas the new iPod consists of the hardware button which is similar in function to that. Personally I feel the remote function better as it allows accessing to the play or pausing buttons easily and can even change the track instantly when the device is in the pockets of the pants or inside the pocket of the shirt.
  • I found some issues in the setting of the screen for example I am unable to let the screen on for long time. The screen becomes dark quite frequently and interrupts me while I am in the middle of working. I need to wake the device again to continue with what I was doing. This issue was in the previous iPod as well. It should have been improved in this model.

Conclusively the latest Apple iPod Nano meets all the expectations which I had except the few drawbacks which are apparently not the major ones. I love its elegant slim shape and the size of the display screen which has made it more usable.

The storage is also of 16 GB which is quite sufficient to store the music and video data. It also supports storage for photos. Its feature for video playing is simply awesome. Undoubtedly Apple has created the 7th generation iPod a fantastic one wit ease and convenience of usage.

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