Reinstall Your Windows without Losing any Data

An increase in understanding of the technology field has definitely made a remarkable change in our day to day life. The world witnessed a rapid growth in the usage of personnel computers. Almost each and every house in this world does have at least one computing device. In any way, all of us handle this computing device at least once in a day. For some, it has eventually proved to be an earning machine.


Requirement for Re-installing the Operating System

(# only for windows operating system )

As for many, computers have become an earning machine, there is a need for storing all the information they are dealing with. It not only applies to the working category of people but also the ones who would like to keep up their memoirs or photos updated and retrieve them whenever they want to. In that case imagine, what happens when your system becomes corrupt and you want to re-install windows without losing any information? Or, is your computer too slow and it takes ages to open up the file? Or are you envying someone, for him having a better operating system, which pleases with visual effects than yours and you still compromise yourself as you do not want to lose your information?
Bid adieu to all your grievances. What follows are a series of tips that are necessary to pursue, before re installing windows operating system or even before updating it.

Steps to Follow

These steps are not merely about re installing windows, it can also be used to repair your corrupted operating system when you don`t prefer a complete re install in the fear of losing vital database.


      • Open up your PC and click on “My Computer”
      • Go to C: ( if that`s where you have installed your source file or in other words your operating system drive)
      • Run WINNT32 /unattend
      • i.e. open run box and type  H:I386winnt32 /unattend and press enter ( H: is the disc or CD drive where you have inserted your windows operating system disc)



      • Go to Start > > All programs > > Accessories > > Command Prompt
      • Type H:I386winnt32 /unattend and run it .
      • Where H: is the disc drive where you are loading your operating system CD . ( # if H:I386winnt32 /unattend is not working try h: winnt32 /unattend ) .

The above steps are a much better way of re-installing windows without loss of any data, rather than performing a Windows Repair Install from the disc. The latter makes abrupt changes to the settings and there is even a possibility, you might not get any updates from Microsoft in regard with the silent features present in windows repair install.

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