Qantas to Replace All BlackBerry Device with iPhones

Research in Motion’s (RIM) dark cloud just will not seem to go away, with today bringing the news that Australian airline Qantas is to replace its entire contingency of BlackBerry Smartphones and devices with iPhones.

While the loss of approximately 1,300 sales is of course a less than significant number on a global basis, the negative PR resulting from a shift to the market leader is nothing less than a nightmare for the ailing Canadian brand.

Qantas to Replace All BlackBerry Device with iPhones

Cost Savings, Crew Demands

According to Qantas, the move to Apple’s iPhones and away from BlackBerry will save the airline millions of dollars every year. The company also stated that crew and ground staff were increasingly requesting a move to the iPhone, given its more modern and user-friendly overall interface.

RIM’s reputation and general company status is currently in a state of free-fall, as the world waits the arrival of BlackBerry 10 which has recently been pushed back once again to early next year.

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