PS4: Sony’s Most Powerful Gaming Platform Announced

Video game can be defined as electronic game which involves interaction of human with user interface and generate on a video device visual feedback. Life of today’s generation is plugged in video games and has made it ‘generation gamer.’ Most of the free time is spend in playing video games. Video games have become an integrated part of not only children but also teenage, middle aged and old brats.

There is a transformation of gaming industry.Exploding this opportunity Sony Computer Entertainment which is a Japanese company has developed series of video game consoles that is a computer system which produce signals of video display and can be used with television or monitor so that it can display video games. Sony Computer Entertainment keeping an eye on the generation next which is always looking for something new and exciting has turned their consoles into complete home entertainment having multiple features.

PlayStation for first time was introduced on December 3 1984 in Japan. It was registered and marketed worldwide. Super slim PlayStation 3 was launched in 2012 which was 3 pound lighter than the slim model which was launched in 2009.

Sony in event ‘PlayStation Meeting 2013’ has announced Sony PS4. At an event on 20th February Sony revealed details and also introduced some amazing feature of the new console. However official date for the PS4 released has been penciled for ‘Holiday 2013’ so we can say launch will be around middle of November.

Fundamental details about PS4 has been revealed by Sony but we still do not know how PS4 looks like.

Some of the ps4’s spec was outlined during the event and a glimpse to the new DUALSOCK 4 controller was given to the world. Among the pieces of PS4 DUALSHOCK4 controller was the only one to be unveiled by Sony.


Some of the key features of PS4 controller are –

  1. In middle of controller there is new touchpad.
  2. Built in jack and microphone.
  3. Next to the trigger there is a share button which let the user to share their PS4 live contents.

Confirmed specs of PS4 are listed below:

  1. Hardware specs – PS4 has AMD x86-based 8-core CPU and has enhanced GPU that is ‘highly enhanced GPU’ pack 18 GCN units. Thus lots of parallel processing power will be provided and majority of PS4’s grunt work can be handled. Sony has announced during the event that GPU compute features will be used by the console so that it can take advantage of component raw power. It will be used for both building graphics and general computation.
  2. Memory – 8GB of GDDR5 memory which will enable fast performance. Also Sony has revealed that you will be able to power down PS4 games in middle and then will able to switch it on in seconds to pick it right from where you left. This is the loading power its memory will enable.
  3. Blu-ray , HDMI and DVD  output.
  4. PS4 applications will enable iPad, iPhone and other android based smart phones.
  5. PS4 Eye – 1280 x 800 camera, it is a developed camera system utilizing 2 high sensitive cameras which is equipped with 85 degree diagonal angle views and wide angle lenses. Sony also states that the camera can differentiate between the player in the foreground and background. Logging with facial recognition is also mentioned and to play game more intuitively uses voice and body movements.
  6. Backwards Compatibility- PS3 games will not be supported by PS4. Some of the games mentioned for PS4 are Drive Club, Shadowfall, Deep Down, Infamous 3 and Watch Dogs.
  7. PS4 has ‘Instant On/off capability which allow the user to shut down game and resume from where you left in seconds and this will end up waiting for 60 seconds for your console upload.

Price of PS4 has not been revealed by Sony yet however rumors say that Sony is aiming for a price of 300 pounds in UK.

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