The iPhone 5: What We Know so Far

Tomorrow on September 12, Apple will launch its all new iPhone 5 at an event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, located at San Francisco, California. The iPhone 5 is in talk from a long time and thanks to the rain of rumours which has become stronger prior to the launch of the phone. Pre-launch rumours aren’t a new thing for Apple Devices but this time it has surpassed all its earlier records.

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If we consider all the rumours and news to be true, then we already know a lot about the new handset. Anyway, let’s move on to the next section where we are going to discuss in brief about all we know about iPhone 5 till date.


The very first rumour that grabbed a lot of attention was the significant increase in screen size of the iPhone from 3.5 inches to 4 inches so that it can opt for the aspect ratio of 16:9. This is for the first time since 2007 that an Apple iPhone will have an increment in screen size.

iPhone 5 Screen

However, even if this is a speculation, there have been leaks that give credibility to the above. In the beta versions of iOS 6, tracks were found on a change in the resolution of the screen of the new iPhone.

A larger screen is something many have been waiting on the next smartphone from Apple, however, much of the Apple Fanatics still think that 3.5 inches screen size and in 2:3 ratio is an ideal design for the entire panel to cover with your thumb while holding with one hand.


The new iPhone 5 will have a breakthrough in the area of connectivity, since Apple will incorporate LTE network support in its new device, but not just limited to the United States and Canada as in the case of the third-generation iPad, but it will work with major operators worldwide.

iPhone 5 Front NFC Chip

Not only that, some leaks as the previous image, say that the new iPhone will include an NFC chip, allowing it to communicate and share files with other devices, or what is even more important, would serve as the digital mobile wallet to make payments through the iPhone applications.

New SIM and Same Battery

Since several months, Apple is talking about setting a new SIM card standard called the Nano-SIM, even smaller than the current model (Micro Sim) used in iPhone 4S. Well this would be a reality, since leaks from T-Mobile also project in a similar direction.

iphone 5 nano sim card

In the case the battery of the new iPhone 5 is said that it would be virtually the same as the iPhone 4S, varying only in the capacity with 1,440 mAh compared to 1430 mAh.  This 10 mAh upgrade may not sound god to many.

If the iPhone 5 features a new and better processor with better energy consumption management, then there won’t be a problem with the battery.

New Dock and Aluminium Housing

Apple will feature a new 19-pin dock in the new iPhone 5, which will supplant the traditional 30 pin dock which the Cupertino based Apple have included in their mobile devices for so many years. This connector would have a magnet system to secure the cable to the device with the same style of “magsafe” for Mac computers. Not only that, the new 19-pin dock is to be included in the next and upcoming iDevices from Apple in order to standardize their ports again.

iphone 5 new 19 pin dock and aluminium housing

The glass casing that surrounds the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S would be succeeded by aluminium housing with a spectacular two-tone design style which was there with the first iPhone, but this time with a tone mate, that certainly gives an elegant look and is more resistant to daily use.

Availability and Pricing

From T-Mobile leaks, we can say that the iPhone 5 will have Nano Sim cards. A similar leaked document says that the iPhone 5 will be available in the market next September 21, 2012, at least in the main world market, which would mean that the iPhone 5 will be globally available in less than 10 days of its release on Wednesday, September 12.


Its price, as they say, would be the same as it was for the iPhone 4S, or their cost may vary depending on the operator and the time of the contract.

All this can be confirmed or denied in just one day, when the world will be presented with the new iPhone 5. It is the first times that so much of details are filtered on a new mobile of Apple, so certainly hope that we have saved some surprises.

As a bonus for the iPhone 5 launch day, we may see iOS 6 final version to be launched for all compatible devices.

iPhone 5 Promo Video

This video became viral yesterday and is supposed to be the official iPhone 5 promo video which will be shown to the public on iPhone 5 Launch Event at San Francisco.

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