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Unlike other social media sites, Pinterest is simpler. It is all about creating a pin board online and pinning images and videos that the user find interesting. This simple social network site was established on December 2009; however, it was launched on March 2010. Moreover, it only began gaining users at the beginning of 2011 with 10,000 registered users. As the months passed by, the site’s traffic continuously increased gaining 11 million visits weekly.

By the end of 2011, Pinterest was placed on the top 10 social sites and was included in the list of the 50 best websites by TIME magazine in 2011. At present, Pinterest has more than 10.4 million registered users with 12 million unique visitors monthly. This clearly proves that Pinterest generates traffic faster than any independent site in history.

Moreover, Pinterest does not only cater to individuals. In fact, more than 100 brands are continuously using Pinterest for their campaigns. Pinterest is now the 3rd most visited and most popular site in United States.

Pinterest Site Statistics, Figures and Facts 2012 Infographic

Infographic Source: Sandbox

A Quick Revision of Pinterest Facts, Figures and Stats :

  • By December 2011, Pinterest became one of the top 10 largest social networks with 45 million visits per month.
  • In January it was driving more referral traffic to retailers than LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ combined.
  • Most of the sites users are female
  • 97% of the site’s Facebook fans are females.
  • It is the fastest site in history to break through the 10 million unique visitor count.
  • The Site got a solid funding of $37.5 Million in October 2011.

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