How To Create Facebook Promoted Post

Facebook Promoted Post

Why Promoted Post Facebook is another largest country of the world and interestingly any one can reach a huge population very easily. Hence this platform is being used as very leveraging media for business. Facebook insider guys are always trying to help business people to reach more customers and most importantly getting more involved with the customer. Now days … [Read more...]

How To Access Windows From Android Tablet With Nivio


Inter devices integration and synchronization is fascinating focus of development. Now devices are getting more dynamic and along with that developers are dedicating themselves a lot to create synchronization with different devices. Tables are the cutting edge of the technology now days and most importantly it’s kind of mobile to take along. As most tablets are … [Read more...]

Best Google Plus App For iPad

Best Google Plus App For iPad

Google plus is relatively new member of social media family and the most important fact is it has grown up very fast. I think and every one of you will agree with me that rapid growth of Google plus is because of the name Google.  People are so much involved in the social medias and you can say they are very much stick to social media. It has become a very much part … [Read more...]

Where To Watch Live Stream of Euro Football Online

Watch Football Online

Euro championship of 2012 is the 14th championship organized by UEFA. The 14th championship is being hosted by Poland and Ukraine together .the primary qualification round took place over the course of 18 months. It was within countries playing home and away in small league system. From 8th June to 1 July 16 team have already started the battle Including Ukraine and … [Read more...]

How To Access Kindle Store On iPad

Access Kindle Store On iPad

Every iPad user will love the Amazon kindle app for it's user interface, functionality, and other features, which will let us to read the eBooks from Amazon without any distractions. Until 2012, the kindle app for iPad has the "shop in kindle store" button at the top right corner, for buying eBooks from Amazon. But due to Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire tablet … [Read more...]

Know The Text Editing Keyboard Shortcuts That Work Everywhere

Text Editing Keyboard Shortcuts

Typing out a letter in Email or word processor can be much quicker and also easier if you incorporate the various keyboard shortcuts that are available. You can use those shortcuts in various other applications so that you don’t have too many key presses. You can even use those keyboard shortcuts in the windows explorer also. So we have written this guide which … [Read more...]

How To Add OS X Styled Stacks To Your Computer

OS X Styled Stacks

If you have been a user of MAC OS X or you have operated theMAC OS X at your friends place then you must have taken a liking to stacks and if you want to try it out in your windows OS then don’t worry because this guide will let you add stacks to your Windows system. To add stacks to your windows you need to install a custom program called 7Stacks. Read on to … [Read more...]

What Is Fragmentation And Why Does Windows Needs Defragmentation And Linux Doesn’t

Windows Defragmentation

If you have been using windows from quite some time then you must have heard from your friends and colleagues that defragmenting your drive regularly helps to speed up your computer performance and also that accessing files are much easier. Whereas you must have also heard that Linux OS which might be Ubuntu or any other version of Linux OS doesn’t need fragmenting … [Read more...]

How To Configure The Firewall That Is Built In Ubuntu

Ubuntu Firewall Configuration

Firewall is an important application that must be installed on your PC because it saves you from various types of malicious attacks and if you also have antivirus installed then both of them make sure that your PC is free of malicious contents. You can install third party firewall in your Ubuntu but Ubuntu has got its own built in firewall which provides adequate … [Read more...]