Leaked Document Reveals Xbox 720 Specs, $299 Price Tag and 2013 Launch

Leaked Document Reveals Xbox 720 Specs, $299 Price Tag and 2013 Launch

While Microsoft has already made it abundantly clear that they will NOT be releasing a new Xbox games console in 2012, it is looking all the more likely by the day that the Xbox 720 has been earmarked for greatness next year. In fact, what appears to be a leaked document of rather sizeable proportions has served up some of the most detailed and tantalizing insights … [Read more...]

iOS 6 Put Through its Paces – Not Perfect, But Very Close

iOS 6 Put Through its Paces - Not Perfect, But Very Close

Apple’s WWDC 2012 brought very few surprises but certainly didn’t let the world’s technology community down. True, tens of millions would have been infinitely happier with at least a mention of the iPhone 5, but at least in its place we got out first look at its likely mobile operating system – iOS 6. While the final release of iOS 6 won’t be offered until later … [Read more...]

Is Samsung Planning A Future Without Android?

Is Samsung Planning A Future Without Android?

As the Samsung Galaxy S3 release date for US customers draws ever closer, new CEO Kwon Oh-hyun has once again spoke out about the importance of carving out a new path in terms of the software the company relies upon. In order to retain its position right at the top of the global Smartphone stakes, Samsung could in the long term be looking to move away from Google’s … [Read more...]

Microsoft Unveils Two New Surface Tablets – The End of Buyer Compromise?

Microsoft Unveils Two New Surface Tablets – The End of Buyer Compromise?

Microsoft has officially lifted the lid on its very first own-brand Windows tablet PC, which they have named the Surface Tablet. Having been one of the worst kept secrets in the technology industry for quite some time now, the arrival of a pure Windows 8 Tablet from Microsoft certainly has a great deal to live up to. During Microsoft’s high profile press event in … [Read more...]

New Apple Patent Suggests An iPhone 5 With Replaceable Camera Lens

New Apple Patent Suggest an iPhone 5 with Replaceable Camera Lens

Apple may have disappointed millions by making no mention of iPhone 5 at last week’s WWDC 2012 in San Francisco, but this doesn’t mean that the unveiling of iOS 6 hasn’t sent the rumor-mill into overdrive. Quite to the contrary in fact as while talk of larger screens and laser keyboards continue among the masses, those in the know have singled out another exciting … [Read more...]

Apple’s iPad To Increase Market Lead As Tablet Industry Explodes

Apple to Launch New iPad in China July 20th – Domination Efforts Begin

Apple is set to extend its already colossal lead in the tablet PC market share race, as the upgrades afforded to the new iPad and the attractive price reductions of the iPad 2 continue to prove irresistible, according to new reports from IDC. An extensive program of research has led to the conclusion that the tablet PC market is to continue its unstoppable growth … [Read more...]

Do Cellphones Cause Cancer? FCC To Reexamine Risks

Do Cellphones Cause Cancer? FCC to Reexamine Risks

Ongoing debates as to whether or not cellphones really can give users cancer are to be blown wide open once again, as the FCC may be about to look into the safety and potential effects of the energy emitted by mobile phones and transmission towers. According to industry reports surfacing over the weekend, a proposal is making its way around the FCC recommending a … [Read more...]

What The Microsoft Tablet Must Deliver To Succeed

What the Microsoft Tablet Must Deliver to Succeed

Whether or not the fabled own-brand Microsoft Tablet makes an appearance tomorrow or not, most of us have already knocked up our own weird and wonderful wish-lists as to what we expect a pure Windows 8 Tablet to deliver. However, weird and wonderful is one thing, but there are more than a few areas in which the Microsoft Tablet MUST deliver in order to succeed, … [Read more...]

Is Bigger Better In The Tablet Market? Toshiba Thinks So

Is Bigger Better in the Tablet Market? Toshiba Thinks So

Most of the tablet PC market at present seems to be divided between those rather obsessed with the iPad and those favoring smaller, more affordable devices. However, while the Amazon Kindle Fire’s 7-inches and the 10 or so inches boasted by most market leaders never fail to strike a chord with consumers, at least one manufacturer seems to think bigger really is … [Read more...]

Minor RIM Management Shakeup Results in 2.5% Share Value Fall

RIM Faces $147 Million Fine for Patent Infringement

Research in Motion suffered yet another 2.5% fall in share values last week, after investors responded with disappointment to a minor management shift. Reactions were also generally unkind to the news that CEO Thorsten Heins was lavished with no less than $10 million last year alone, along with hundreds of thousands of stock options. It has also come to light … [Read more...]