The Need For Google Nexus Tablet

Need For Google Nexus Tablet

There has been a lot of discussion about the Google nexus tablet. Previously it was just considered to be a rumor but very soon people can see it in the market. It is all set to release in the next month. Asus is actually all set to provide a new tablet with the quad core 1.3GHz nvidia tegra 3 chipset. The other top features of the tablet are going to be its 7 inch … [Read more...]

Rumors Of A Google Nexus Tablet – What Am I Not Thrilled?

Nexus Tablet A Rumor

The logic and appeal behind the Nexus phones is easy to understand. These phones are developed and released on almost a yearly basis by joining hands with a single device manufacturer. Wireless carriers as well as phone makers love to play around with Android, which means that whether it’s a HTC made Verizon phone or a Samsung made AT&T phone both run the same … [Read more...]

Google Nexus Tablet With The Android 5.0 Jelly Bean [Rumor]

Google Nexus Tablet Android Jelly Bean

There have been lots of rumors about the Asus built Google Nexus tablet. These rumors have been heard online and there are various reasons why this has become one of the most popular tablets. The popularity is because of the brand as well as of the price which is expected to be $199. Other than this, there are rumors of the inclusion of some powerful software and … [Read more...]

Google Nexus Tablet Rumors Roundup

Google Nexus Tablet Rumors

The Nexus Tablet ASUS is building the next Google Nexus Tablet, according to rumors. So far, all gadget lovers are still waiting for the launch of the Google Nexus Tablet despite the rumors roundup. Such rumors have been around for almost a month and many are speculating that the latest tablet will be based on the basic MeMO 370T form of ASUS. Rumored … [Read more...]

How To Use Goolge Plus

Use Goolge Plus

Social media and business of any level is now like oxygen to survive. No business can think for customer relations and strategic promotion without social Medias.  The reason is very simple for that people are virtually social now than ever. They love to hangout on the social Medias and spent a big chunk of their time daily to involve in social media. Most of all … [Read more...]

How To Create Facebook Promoted Post

Facebook Promoted Post

Why Promoted Post Facebook is another largest country of the world and interestingly any one can reach a huge population very easily. Hence this platform is being used as very leveraging media for business. Facebook insider guys are always trying to help business people to reach more customers and most importantly getting more involved with the customer. Now days … [Read more...]

How To Access Windows From Android Tablet With Nivio


Inter devices integration and synchronization is fascinating focus of development. Now devices are getting more dynamic and along with that developers are dedicating themselves a lot to create synchronization with different devices. Tables are the cutting edge of the technology now days and most importantly it’s kind of mobile to take along. As most tablets are … [Read more...]

Best Google Plus App For iPad

Best Google Plus App For iPad

Google plus is relatively new member of social media family and the most important fact is it has grown up very fast. I think and every one of you will agree with me that rapid growth of Google plus is because of the name Google.  People are so much involved in the social medias and you can say they are very much stick to social media. It has become a very much part … [Read more...]