How To Install iOS 6 Beta On iPhone 4S Without Developer Account

Install iOS 6 Beta

Newly released iOS 6 beta is available for developers only  and without developer account you can not update it directly. the reason they make it available for developer is simply to get proper feedback of this  all new operating system. Although all the promised features are not available on iOS now but gradually they will tune the system up to the … [Read more...]

How To Install iOS 6 Beta On iPad 3

Install iOS 6 Beta On iPad 3

On June 11, Apple launches their new operating system iOS 6 but yet not launched publicly. It is now only available for developers with paid developer account. But if you want to test out the new operating system you can update your iOS device like iPad with iTunes. Its very much easy and simple. In this post we are going to provide step by step tutorial for … [Read more...]

Acer Iconia Tab A700 Vs Apple’s New iPad 3

Acer Iconia Tab A700 Vs Apple’s iPad

Referring to any new tablet PC as an “iPad-killer” is as tired and cliché at is inaccurate…thus far at least. However, a new contender has emerged this week which intends to prove itself worthy of the moniker – namely the fully-loaded though diet-priced Acer Iconia Tab A700. How does Acer expect to achieve the seemingly impossible? Easy…with a hugely impressive … [Read more...]

2012 MacBook Pro: A Clear Sign Of Apple’s Future

2012 MacBook Pro a Clear Sign of Apple’s Future

Apple’s WWDC 2012 in San Francisco this week gave the world its first look at the all-new MacBook Pro range boasting hugely impressive Retina quality displays. What’s more, while casual observers may be happy enough to just sit back and take in the new notebooks in all their glory, some analysts have dubbed the 2012 the clearest sign of thing to come from Apple in the … [Read more...]

Microsoft To Announce Own-Brand Tablet PC Next Week – Google Nexus Tablet Days Away

Microsoft to Announce Own-Brand Tablet PC Next Week – Google Nexus Tablet Days Away

Microsoft is to stage a major event in Los Angeles next week, which according to industry sources will herald the announcement of the company’s first own-brand tablet PC launch. If true, it would appear that Microsoft has plans to take a rather lucrative leaf from the book of Apple, by throwing down the gauntlet in what is fast becoming the world’s most valuable … [Read more...]

Nokia On Borrowed Time As 10,000 More Jobs Cuts Loom – Outright Sale Inevitable?

Tough Times Ahead for Nokia

Nokia looks to be heading down the same slippery slope into oblivion as RIM and Palm, as the ailing Finnish Smartphone manufacturer moves ever-closer toward losing its independence. Should CEO Stephen Elop be unable to breathe life back into the once-unstoppable brand by the close of 2012, an outright sale could herald the only way forward. This Thursday, Nokia … [Read more...]

Asus Employee Confirms Google Asus Nexus Tablet With Quad Core Tegra 3 Processor

Google Asus Nexus Tablet

The Google Nexus tablet is one of the most discussed about topics these days. There are various rumors that have come up regarding the Google tablet. There is certain new information that can be heard these days regarding the launch of the new tablet. The information came from an Asus Employee. In an anonymous interview to Android Authority at Taipei, the Asus … [Read more...]

The Need For Google Nexus Tablet

Need For Google Nexus Tablet

There has been a lot of discussion about the Google nexus tablet. Previously it was just considered to be a rumor but very soon people can see it in the market. It is all set to release in the next month. Asus is actually all set to provide a new tablet with the quad core 1.3GHz nvidia tegra 3 chipset. The other top features of the tablet are going to be its 7 inch … [Read more...]

Rumors Of A Google Nexus Tablet – What Am I Not Thrilled?

Nexus Tablet A Rumor

The logic and appeal behind the Nexus phones is easy to understand. These phones are developed and released on almost a yearly basis by joining hands with a single device manufacturer. Wireless carriers as well as phone makers love to play around with Android, which means that whether it’s a HTC made Verizon phone or a Samsung made AT&T phone both run the same … [Read more...]

Google Nexus Tablet With The Android 5.0 Jelly Bean [Rumor]

Google Nexus Tablet Android Jelly Bean

There have been lots of rumors about the Asus built Google Nexus tablet. These rumors have been heard online and there are various reasons why this has become one of the most popular tablets. The popularity is because of the brand as well as of the price which is expected to be $199. Other than this, there are rumors of the inclusion of some powerful software and … [Read more...]