How to Upload MP3 to Facebook and Share MP3 On Facebook

How to Upload MP3 to Facebook

Originally, Facebook has no capability of allowing its users to conveniently share mp3 tracks on their Facebook wall. But with the help of intelligent website programmers, this is now allowed using third party websites and programs. Because for the demand, the programmers of such ways have made it to the point that the process will be a lot easier than what most … [Read more...]

5 Tablets Keeps iPad Mini From Taking The 7-Inch Crown


iPad Mini has not yet been announced officially, but it has not even remained a secret for Apple. It is proven that Apple can’t keep a secret well. Everyone knows about it; the date of launch is pretty certain, the technical details of the new tablet have been published and even the probably price of this mini tablet. However, iPad Mini will not enter the market … [Read more...]

New Case To Fix Purple Halo In iPhone 5

iphone 5

An accessory maker is expecting some business out of certain limitation of the iPhone 5 camera. In a new development, Fotodiox, an Illinois based company comes up with a case for iPhone 5 that is seemingly keep stray light from creating purple flare in photos and videos. The case is named the camHoodie and cost $24.95 that promises to “stop purple halo”. The … [Read more...]

Nokia Lumia 810, T-Mobile’s First Windows 8


With T-Mobile, Nokia 810, a variant of Nokia Lumia 820 for AT&T will release soon with fastest HSPA+ 42 network. Till now T-Mobile is kept mum on the cost or availability details, though it has shown a dummy model at the Pepcom’s MobileFocus event at MobileCon. Like Nokia 820, the 810 comes with interchangeable covers in cyan and black. With 4.3 inch OLEG WVGA … [Read more...]

How to use OneNote as a Task Manager for the iPhone

Use OneNote as iPhone Task Manager

Microsoft Office OneNote is considered to be one of the most useful applications provide by Microsoft systems. It has the ability to take note of the activities happening to your computer or laptop, or you can also use it as the keepsake of your most crucial passwords you created. Because of being a useful application, iPhone managed to adapt this application to be … [Read more...]

How To Disable Java In Your Browsers


Is Java still turned on in your Chrome, Firefox, Safari or any other browser? If yes, then turn it off immediately. Why? To be miles away from being infected by malware. How? Read below how Java is being used by cybercriminals in infecting your computer and how you can disable it in your browsers. A recent research at Security Explorations has unveiled an unpatched … [Read more...]

Google Nexus 7 Tablet Vs Aakash Tablet

Google Nexus 7 Tablet Vs Aakash Tablet

Before we start to see the comparison, remember that we are comparing Google Nexus 7 with the cheapest tablet in the world - the Aakash 2 Tablet. The Aakash Tablet is the project of Indian government to offer students in the country a hi-tech learning device. It is a project to sell the device at a subsidized price. Currently the project is being handled by … [Read more...]

How to Send your Gmail Attachments to Google Drive

How to Send your Gmail Attachments to Google Drive

Google has just launched a particular addition to their line of new applications which is the Google Drive. This is actually affiliated with Google Docs and just changed to Google Drive since it can carry now most of the type of files and applications in which a user wishes to save. Google Drive is a powerful application by Google as it will allow you to synchronize … [Read more...]

How to Setup your own Proxy Server for Free

How to Setup Own Proxy Server for Free

Maybe, you can be one of the people who are not that informed on what proxy is. It is actually an important component in online sharing as it is considered as the arbiter between the website and the computer. Without the proxy, it will be impossible for you to connect to a website or as a website owner; you will always fail gaining a lot of online visitors. Proxy … [Read more...]

Share Simply Your Panoramic Photos In Your iOS 6


Sharing panoramic photos captured by iOS 6 on your iPhone is not too tough; though need a few twitches on the recipients end to view. Ordinary sharing may not be satisfactory as the photo only presents a general overview of the entire photo unless you pinch and zoom. To view the entire panorama, you’ll need to swipe back and forth. It works, no doubt, but fun is … [Read more...]