Microsoft Makes Xbox Music Default Music Tunes In Windows 8

Microsoft Xbox Music

Microsoft is all set to start competing in the digital music platform with its views on Spotify and Pandora, making the latest Xbox Music the default way to listen tracks in Windows 8. In future, the service will outspread to mobile phones and Xbox video console. Presently Microsoft faces tough rivalry from iTunes and Spotify in the digital music business. … [Read more...]

Xbox Music: Microsoft Latest Entry In The Digital Music Platform


Microsoft Xbox Music brings an impressive experience with subscription streaming, locker storage and facility to buy tracks. The company has brought large number of options, but according to analysts, the experience is more fragmented. At present digital download is monopolised by iTunes, Spotify is the subscription music leader and there are other players like … [Read more...]

How To Increase Steam Download Speed


It’s a regular irritation when you are waiting for your game to update or download. Every game fan wants some tips to boost the speed of Steam and spend more time in playing, not waiting. But do you know how to do it? Do you know how to increase or boost up the download speed of steam? Here's how to do it. Those who don’t know, here is a little info on Steam. You … [Read more...]

How To Sync Google Calendar To WP, Android, iOS

google calendar sync on android, ios, wp

Syncing with An Exchange Server Corporate Exchange server is a good way to set your phone with your company’s email and calendaring back-end. All high end OS incorporated phones like iOS, Android and Windows offer integrated Exchange support. In some cases, company’s email address and password are required to access. Connecting iOS Device to Exchange … [Read more...]

The Future Of Warfare – Robots

War robot

For centuries man has thought of new ways to wage wars. It seems that some of the most important inventions and discoveries in history were immediately, or eventually, employed in warfare. Whether it was the invention of a new metal alloy, the discovery of a new principle of physics or biology, or the development of a new technology, mankind seems to always figure out … [Read more...]

3 Top Freewares Apps For Your Multiple Desktops


Those who are tired of switching on and off between multiple desktops perhaps think of some software that will share certain hardware and software interface in a less complicated way. So here are three freewares apps for your computers, which could be an easy solution to your problem. Qsynergy It is reliable as well as easy to use graphical front end for … [Read more...]

How to Send Personalized Emails using Mail Merge in Gmail

Send Personalized Emails using Mail Merge in Gmail

Sending out multiple emails to multiple people can be a headache especially if you wanted it to look like it is just for a specific person or recipient. Actually, by using Mail Merge, this can be easier. However, Mail Merge is originally attached to Outlook. Some email senders are not into Outlook limiting them to enjoy the capabilities of Mail Merge. Actually, this … [Read more...]

How to Upload MP3 to Facebook and Share MP3 On Facebook

How to Upload MP3 to Facebook

Originally, Facebook has no capability of allowing its users to conveniently share mp3 tracks on their Facebook wall. But with the help of intelligent website programmers, this is now allowed using third party websites and programs. Because for the demand, the programmers of such ways have made it to the point that the process will be a lot easier than what most … [Read more...]

5 Tablets Keeps iPad Mini From Taking The 7-Inch Crown


iPad Mini has not yet been announced officially, but it has not even remained a secret for Apple. It is proven that Apple can’t keep a secret well. Everyone knows about it; the date of launch is pretty certain, the technical details of the new tablet have been published and even the probably price of this mini tablet. However, iPad Mini will not enter the market … [Read more...]

New Case To Fix Purple Halo In iPhone 5

iphone 5

An accessory maker is expecting some business out of certain limitation of the iPhone 5 camera. In a new development, Fotodiox, an Illinois based company comes up with a case for iPhone 5 that is seemingly keep stray light from creating purple flare in photos and videos. The case is named the camHoodie and cost $24.95 that promises to “stop purple halo”. The … [Read more...]