Review of 3 Popular Apps For Windows Phones

windows phones

Windows Phones have got enough makeovers in the recent times and now it's well placed to compete with iOS and Android, who are still leading the smartphone market. Newest versions of the Windows have plenty of features to compete on par with iOS and Android devices. But the Windows Phones have always lacked behind in providing variety of applications for users. … [Read more...]

Windows 8 features that are sure to drive you crazy

windows 8

From the time Microsoft announced its new and futuristic operating system Windows 8 it has been criticized for trying too hard to achieve something that it couldn't in the last decade. But Microsoft pursued and it has now created something that is sure to give many a people many sleepless nights. Figuring out how to do the easiest of things on the new Windows 8 has … [Read more...]

Top 5 Smart Apps For Making Your Smartphone Smarter


What was once a luxury has become a necessity today. Yes, I am talking about that device in your pocket without which you cannot move even one inch - the smartphone. Today's smartphones have become as smart as we can imagine them to be. But with the rising number of apps to make your smartphone more useful in the real world, don’t you think that it is high time that … [Read more...]

Lucky Salt Lake. Getting Super Computing Tested With 800Gbps Bandwidth

salt lake super computing

There will be more gigabits flying around you, definitely, at least for a week, if you are in Salt Lake City. Yes, a dream network is coming up there, to be precise it is coming up at the Salt Palace Convention Center. Cadre of volunteers have gathered in Utah from top government labs, universities and industry at this year's SC2012 Super Computing conference. The … [Read more...]

Now Your Credit Card Too Got LCD, Keypad. Thanks MasterCard

displaycard from mastercard

Here's something revolutionary in the credit card segment. 'Hats-off' to technology. MasterCard has come up with LCD display embedded credit card. Yes, and don't be surprised when you get a new card from your bank next time. It will have a keypad too. The new card is dubbed as "Display Card" and it combines authentication token along with the usual credit/debit or … [Read more...]

Should You Buy Windows 8 Or Windows RT? A Knowhow

windows 8 n windows rt

Has the time come to choose whether to stay with Windows or try another OS? Yes, Linux, Google's Chrome OS and Apple's Macintosh OS X are already there with arms wide open to hug your personal computer. Microsoft just launched its two new operating systems, and of course the much awaited ones too, Windows 8 and Windows RT. If you love traditional desktop, and also … [Read more...]

How To Opt Out Facebook’s Online And Offline Tracking


Many people don’t bother about their privacy online, but it’s a significant aspect because nobody knows who would take your writings, or who may be using (rather misusing) your photos, or other things that you have enjoyably posted in Facebook sometime. Protecting your online data seems an arduous effort, but it is certainly worth the effort. In a recent … [Read more...]

iPad Mini Pricey, But Perfectly Sized Tablet. Isn’t?

apple ipad mini

Do you agree Apple's iPad Mini is a perfect sized tablet? To me it seems to be a big YES. Oh yes, but at a price of course. Almost of same landscape the other brands are cheaper, if not much then a little bit for sure. Well, a remarkably thinner and lighter iPad Mini should come with a price, and obviously when it is from the house of iPhone, iPod, iMac makers. The … [Read more...]

Isn’t Google’s Best Gadget Now In Three Sizes? Yup! Nexus

nexus gadgets of  google

These days it is very common people are having more than one device. More to this, it is also becoming common switching from one device to another and to further another. It can be many. I must say Google has done some fine tuning to this habit of today's mankind. It has streamlined its hardware line for Android devices to help you get rid of all the hassles, if … [Read more...]

Review: Google’s Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS

google android 4.2 jelly bean os

What you guessed? Not Jelly Bean for sure. Google calls it again a Jelly Bean. The Web giant launched its much awaited Android 4.2 operating system update and calls it Jelly Bean. Yes. Well, the naming goes similar to Android 4.1 but not the features of course. Some new exciting features have been introduced in it and few have been now much improved. What it is? … [Read more...]