Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 – More Advanced With New Features


Dreamweaver is a renowned name in the field of software industry and is known for developing intuitive web development software. In the recent years it has done several modifications in the previously introduced software Adobe. It has now progressed to a great deal and has introduced several database powered software. The web developers always get excited with the … [Read more...]

Explore Windows 8 the Smartest Way


Windows 8 is yet another successful and ultimate product from Microsoft which was introduced last year. This is a fresh and new version of windows with a complete change in the interface. The home screen is the most attractive part of windows 8 which is alluring to someone and confusing for others. There has been many new features installed and updated with this … [Read more...]

Android – Some Tips and Ideas


As continued from the previous topic - Basic Android Shortcuts, now I would like to provide you some more information on some of the advanced tips and tricks of the android operating system .The points will be provided with detailed guidance. So here are some amazing tips: To add a web clip on the home screen – web page> menu button > save to … [Read more...]

3 Great Music Apps for Windows 8


Windows 8 was launched last year to much anticipation by mobile technology lovers all over the world. But nearly everyone agrees that the key to Windows 8’s success in a world dominated by iOS and Android devices is its apps ecosystem. Among apps, the ones concerning music are very popular all over the world. The three apps featured here should bring a lot of cheer to … [Read more...]

Looking to Buy a Windows 8 Laptop cum Tablet – Here are the Two Great Options


The launch of Windows 8 for both mobile and desktop platforms was eagerly awaited in 2012. While new handsets from different makers like Samsung and Nokia have already hit the shelves, laptops and tablets running Windows 8 and Windows RT (which is the tablet version of the operating system) are yet to be seen widely. If you are looking to buy a Windows 8 powered … [Read more...]

Review: Google Nexus 4

Video thumbnail for youtube video Review: Google Nexus 4 - PinDigit

Nexus 4 is the latest smartphone which is Google branded manufactured by LG. It is a black slate which is almost similar or can be said identical to Samsung Galaxy SIII but there is no Home button unlike Samsung Galaxy SIII. Nexus 4 will be continuing the Android’s march by being not as cheaper and alternative to the Apple iPhone but will also be very … [Read more...]

Tips for Enhancing Computer Performance


Doesn’t it bother you when your computer starts slowing down when all you want is to finish off your work and go home for a hot cup of tea or some fresh juice? It may also happen like you are wedged at opening your ppt file when every delegate inside the conference room waits for your presentation. You end up closing down all applications except the one that you … [Read more...]

Basic Android Shortcuts You should Know about


The best thing about technology is that it lets you do your thing in style and that too you are thrown to a multitude of options to select from. Every single day there are new sets of mobiles in the market which makes it confusing for us to select the best out of the rest. With different screen size, camera pixels, touch type, memory, sound and operating system it … [Read more...]

Review: Nikon D3200


The difference among professional and consumer DSLR cameras have started to become a bit blurry. Numerous people have started to consider just three things, the chip size, the max shutter speed, and the auto focus points available. It is for these reasons that Nikon has included the D3200 in its consumer range. However, it is still a top quality DSLR camera that can … [Read more...]

How to Use Your PC as a DVR System


For many people these days, their computers are more than just that. Apart from serving productivity tasks, computers today are used for entertainment purposes too. This explains why many homes tend to use their PCs for watching TV, listening to music and of course, watching movies. That said, you can also turn your normal home computer into a DVR system. And … [Read more...]