How To Compile And Install From Source In Ubuntu

Compile And Install From Source In Ubuntu

Linux is great for compiling certain software and also you can change them on how they work and also recompile them to see how the program or application worked out. Ubuntu and other linux operating systems have many package repositories which you can use directly without any change or modifications but in some instances there are certain programs or application … [Read more...]

How To Remotely Shut Down Windows PC

Remote Shutdown Windows PC

There are times when you are just too busy and forgot to shut down your PC as you were leaving or sometimes you are remotely retrieving some files from your desktop or have installed software that requires restart of your PC remotely. Well you can do it easily by installing a simple utility called Shutdown.exe which will allow you to shut down or restart your … [Read more...]

How To Manage Multiple Computers With Soluto


If you are having multiple computers on which you work and you need to manage at the click of a button rather than going to each one and doing the settings and optimization then Soluto is the best application for you. With soluto you can manage and also troubleshoot multiple computers. All you need to do is add them to your list and you are ready. You can even … [Read more...]

How To Repair Damaged Photos Or Scans

Repair Damaged Photos Or Scans

You must be having loads of old photographs in your photo album or some box that you have kept carefully since they contain your precious memory. But old photographs do get damaged over time. With accumulating dusts which leaves scratches and also the color fades away degrading the quality of the photo. So don’t worry you can fix the photos all by yourself and you … [Read more...]

How To Properly Scan A Photograph

Scan A Photograph

These days all the photography is either done through the mobile camera or through some pretty cool digital cameras that offers excellent image quality and various other options that can help you to enhance the photos that you have taken. But what about the good old photos that you had printed out and are in your old photo album? Don’t you want to digitize them and … [Read more...]

How To Process RAW Camera Photos

Process RAW Camera Photos

Taking photographs with High End DSLRs allows you to use lot more options than an ordinary digital cameras so as a result you can improve on the quality of the image that you have captured. But if you have selected the saving format as JPG you might have just ruined your day. But if you are saving as RAW images then you will get more flexibility with editing the … [Read more...]

How To Use A Keyboard And Mouse Across Multiple Computers

Mouse Without Border

If you are a user of multiple computers that enable you to make your work go faster than you also know that it is really annoying when you have to access different keyboards and mouse for each computer. Not only it makes your work space messy but also it can lead to confusion as to which keyboard and mouse you are using and for which computer. So we have … [Read more...]

How To Stream Videos To Your IPhone Or IPad Using Windows

Stream Videos From PC To ipad

There are times when you want to just share with your friends certain videos that is available on your collection on your brand new IPad or IPhone but you don’t know how to. Well don’t worry because now you can do that very easily and moreover not only over the WI-FI but you can also do it over the internet. So to help you to achieve this objective we have prepared … [Read more...]

How To Recover Deleted Files From Your Hard Drive

Recover Deleted Files From Hard Disk

There are many files we delete every day and some files we delete accidentally which then we later need. To make the matter worse after deleting the file you just can’t log into Windows to retrieve the files. In such situations what you should do? Fortunately we have prepared a guide for you that will allow you to use Ubuntu Live CD to boot into the machine and … [Read more...]

How To Use Your IPhone Or IPad For Remote Desktop To Your Windows PC

iPad iPhone As Remote Desktop

Sometime you are away from work or from your home and all you have with you is your iphone or ipad. You need access to some files that are in your windows machine at your home or office. At such times you just can’t rush to your machine immediately but there is a way to access those files remotely and bring them to you. All you need is an internet connection and … [Read more...]