Owing iPhone 5 Scares You Financially? No More. The ‘How’ Tips Here

Does cost of owning iPhone 5 scares you in terms of finance? No shame in confessing. This phenomenon is with almost all of us. So what? Won’t we own this iDevice of Apple? Won’t it fit our budget? Of course yes. Will share with you.

Before that, you may be thinking some tricks will be discussed here to get an iPhone within a cheap price. The answer – NOPE.

There are no such tricks but there are some good news in terms of its service. Why not to subscribe to Verizon’s family share plan that gives an attractive package.

In the package you can avail subsidize $200 price on the iPhone 5 for a new line as a part of the service. That means you don’t have to buy the phone and already get a new line to a family plan. So, you can get the discounted price for the iPhone 5.

Another option is pretty simple. You opt for a new line, avail the subsidized phone, and then keep the old line until it expires. You cancel the service after the expiration. This means you have an extra phone line, which can be used by a member in the family, else you cancel it once the contract on that phone is over.

AT&T and Sprint also offer the iPhone 5 in a subsidized price with a new contract. So, you can get a new line with this service provider and avail a subsidized iPhone in $200. AT&T got least expensive individual plan is $90 a month, exclusive taxes and fees. Sprint’s least expensive plan is $80, exclusive of taxes and fees.

Assuming you have already iPhone service on Verizon, then your existing cost would be $190 to $200 a month for service from both companies. There are other options in T-Mobile, and Cricket Wireless, which you can study and analyse.

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So, what should you do now? In terms of price, coverage and network performance, Verizon plan is the best. In terms of pricing, it will be expensive to retain iPhone plan and buy an individual plan from another carrier. Although family share service is not expensive and it restricts you to a limit, still it’s a better deal with better network coverage and network performance.

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