Overcome the Challenges of BYOD with These Effective Tips

In order to understand the challenges faced by the organizations using BYOD, it is essential to know what BYOD is.


Introduction to BYOD

The full form of BYOD is Bring Your Own Device. Most of the small as well as large business organizations now allow their employees to use their own devices like Smartphones, PDAs and laptops in the workplace for their convenience. Though they provide convenience to the employees with the view of enhancing the efficiency of the work but the security of the company is at stake. Most of the companies that implement BYOD in their working environment use BYOD security in order to allow the IT department to keep a check on the network security and on the devices used by the individuals.

Threat posed by BYOD

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The use of BYOD is becoming popular among both the small and large business organizations to a great extent and so are the security issues. In order to provide proper safety and security, the IT department of the company has to configure special security measures for every device used within the work area. Implementing BYOD on one hand offers work efficiency but on the other hand also poses a threat to the company’s confidential data and security. It is therefore necessary to consider some effective tips which might help you in overcoming the challenges of BYOD in an effective manner.

Tips for Meeting BYOD challenges


  • The first thing to be kept in mind is to get a technology plan built with respect to BYOD. In order to implement BYOD effectively it is essential to have access to all applications, data and tools used by BYOD.
  • Make an arrangement such that the device can only read the data and can not download it.
  • Make sure that you keep the bandwidth of the data hub more than required. It is due to the fact that the users will be able to use it with more speed.
  • Using distributed bandwidth with cloud services or different gateways will prove to be effective for using applications running on high bandwidth.
  • It is necessary to control the access of data from the devices used by the employees when connected with corporate network. In order to fulfill this requirement you should look forward to get effective software.
  • Possessing an effective wipe program is an outstanding idea to wipe out the data from the devices in case they are lost.
  • In order to overcome the burden which might be faced by the company due to excessive cost incurred in the implementation of BYOD, it should negotiate with the employees for sharing the cost of data requirements and device investment.

In order to minimize the data charges when in public networks, the devices should be programmed in such a manner that they can be used effectively on the corporate network when roaming.

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