Open webOS ported to Google’s Nexus 7 Tablet

It’s been a more than year since the expected release of webOS source code is announced by HP and the best thing is that it even fulfilled the promise last year with the birth of Open webOS. The credit for the same is given to the folks of webOS community, as Open webOS has been ported to Google’s popular Nexus 7 tablet.

Open WebOS Nexus 7

The port was done and made successfully by Open webOS developer Simon “morphis” Busch. Although, the port stands out to be at its alpha stage, yet with the demo which is done via- YouTube, has been a phenomenal one. It indeed showcases to be quite a impressive one. However, having said that, you do not have to come to the conclusions as its build is not quite stable. Apart from that, it does not stand out to be good enough so that it can be used in your primary tablet.

This is not the first case where we see webOS on its variant on the tablet. It is to be recalled, that webOS consists of an official 7-inch device which is regarded to be the infamous TouchPad Go. This particular device did not do wonders as it did not garner much attention from HP. However, Nexus 7 with Open webOS is indeed going to bring up a whole lot to be looked forward in the episode of Open webOS.

In order to arm others about the information relating with webOS, it is indeed a Linux-based mobile OS original which is developed by Palm. It is seen on the devices such as Palm Pre, Pre 2, Touchpad Go as well as Veer. Although, having said that, webOS-based device did not earn a commercial success but having said that it was indeed successful in winning increasing numbers of fans which could not happen without its User Interface.

webOS is inherited by HP as it bought Palm for $1.2 billion in 2010.

Open webOS got its start in the month of August in 2012. This was the time when HP fulfilled its promise of making the webOS source code which is available for free of cost. Hence, you do not have to sell even a single penny in the process as well.

Thanks to the development which is there, it is going to give the luxury of making the use of novelties which are present in webOS. Thereby, in addition to the same, they have the convenience and luxury to add their own flavor to it as well. Although, at this point in time, it is a bit difficult to ascertain the future for webOS enthusiasts, yet with the active community, one is certainly looking forward for more devices in future. Hence, in itself stands out to be great news as well. Isn’t it?

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