Oh! Now Date, Time Bug. iPhone 5 Owners Complain

It seems the iconic iPhone 5 has still many things to improvise. The Verizon subscribers have another problem to add on, tolling on Apple discussion forum, consumers complain about the wrong date and time keep appearing in their phone. So far, the problem is specifically noted in Verizon Wireless, as most of the complaints come from Verizon subscribers. Yes, only from Verizon users.

An owner shrugged that he owned the phone just about two weeks and noticed that the time was drifting slowly off by 3-5minutes. Some more serious time date problems arise when some owners say the black one was drifting off by 15 days plus 6 hours and 12 minutes when they disconnect with the charger. Some white ones again complained they have to fix the time 4 times a day in sync with the actual time.

There are varieties of complains as the days are passing. Some say it mostly occurs in home, especially when Wi-Fi and LTE connection is disturbed. Even, some of the iPhone 5 users have suggested few measures to correct the date and time problem by changing it from automatic to manual, resetting the phone, turning off the LTE connectivity and even switching over to flight mode. However, the fixes are inconsistent, some work and some do not. You need to find it yourself.

Some owners who mailed to the service provider and also to Apple said that both the companies are aware of the hitches and are trying to fix it up sooner or later. Some owners claimed that Apple said it was a Verizon issue and Verizon threw back the ball into Apple’s court. Whatever. At the end of the day we are suffering.

Critics generally have given thumbs up to the new smartphone from Apple, but owners have reported minute defects like scratches on the aluminium coating, light leakage, Wi Fi issue and now date and time.

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