Nokia may Announce Windows Phone 8 Powered Devices in September

One of the biggest deals made by Nokia in recent times is the deal with Microsoft. The time to start thinking about devices with Windows Phone 8 OS which is codenamed Windows Phone Apollo. is getting closer and by now it’s been in rumour that the Finnish company will launch its first devices with the new Windows Mobile OS next month.

A source of Bloomberg, which usually provides good and valid information, revealed what plans Nokia have in relation to devices based on Windows Phone 8. If it’s all true then we might see Windows Phone 8 powered devices by next month at Nokia World, an event that is expected to be in few days before the launch of the iPhone 5. The Nokia Event is an invitation-only event which will be held in Helsinki on September 5th and 6th for its operator and retail partners.  Also, if all goes as revealed by the source, the device would be on sale before the end of the 2012.

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Listings related to Nokia regarding Windows Phone 8 are expected to be fabulous, but the company tried not to allude to this issue because they want people to keep buying the Nokia Phones that are available in the market. If the company announces the launch of Upgraded and new devices by next month, there will be a remarkable drop in sales. After all, who wants a gadget that will be old in a matter of just one month? No one.

Nokia Lumia

Photo Credit: Ariel Zambelich

This is rumoured when the mobile market is about to change and is modified in recent times. Recently launched Samsung Galaxy SIII is a powerful bet by the South Korean company Samsung. Apple is no far. It will come with its  Black Horse, iPhone 5 which is expected to be sold in millions, just like the other Apple devices.

This time, we can expect that Nokia won’t be out of sight. Nokia has always focused on providing quality hardware and that too, in an affordable price tag. Many experts always had an issue with Nokia that the company pays less attention to the software.  This time there will be no such complaints according to my expectations. Nokia is already in the right track and Nokia Devices with Windows Phone 8 will surely give a boost to the company sales.

Nokia Lumia 900 with Windows Phone 8 Images Leaked

By the time I was writing this post, I got a notification message about a probable Windows Phone 8 powered Nokia Lumia 900 image leak.  The news came from a Chinese Website called WPDang.

Nokia Windows Phone 8 Prototytpe [Fake]

Source: WPDang

I really doubt the above model to be the Nokia Lumia 900 with Windows Phone Apollo. I also doubt it to be fake or a mere prototype.

Let’s hear your take on Windows Phone 8 Powered Nokia Smartphones and the leaked image.

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