Nokia Lumia 900 Review – Down But Not Out

Nokia’s Lumia 900 already had the weight of the world on its shoulders long before Windows Phone 8 came along to deliver what was seen as a fatal blow. While the 900 may have been slow to take off, critics suggested than the Nokia flagship Smartphone was simply learning to walk before it could truly fly and that with enough time and carrier backing, it was destined for greatness.

Sadly, when it became clear that the Lumia 900 would not be compatible with Windows Phone 8, all hopes of it flying the flag for the new OS flew right out of the window and the critics of the world began writing its eulogy.

However, those of a more optimistic persuasion – myself included – have decided to revisit the Nokia Lumia 900 as a device in its own right, which once you peel away all the pressure and concern of what it was supposed to represent still leaves behind an epic handset.

Nokia Lumia 900 Features

Nokia Lumia 900 Review - Down But Not Out


I personally love the way the Lumia 900 is put together, which was to be expected as it closely resembles the 800 and I was also rather smitten with that. The body feels stable and robust with just the right amount of weight behind it, while the cyan and white models are particularly eye-catching.

The curved corners make the 900 extremely comfortable to use and to carry, while adding to the overall distinctive appearance the higher-end of the range boasts. It is by no means a small phone as the 4.3-inch screen would make such largely impossible, though the 800 by 400 resolution does not exactly justify itself as a worthy contender.

Unfortunately, this is the work of Microsoft as they themselves dictate the limits of the screen resolution for their Windows Phones, so we cannot hold this disappointment entirely against Nokia.

The screen is however coated with Corning Gorilla Glass and delivers excellent colors and contrast, along with some of the best viewing angles you’re likely to find.

If looking for its core design stats, the Lumia is 127.8mm in length, 68.5mm wide, 11.5mm deep and weighs in at 160grams.


The Nokia Lumia 900 was quite the beast when first announced, though has since fallen behind in terms of raw grunt. Processing power comes courtesy of a single-core 1.4GHz Qualcomm chip backed by 512MB of RAM, which might not be show-stopping but delivers the goods superbly.
It does however let itself down considerably by not offering any option for expansion of storage – 16GB is all you’re getting.

An 8-meapixel camera graces the back of the Lumia 900 and delivers quite stunning shots, while the 1-megapixel front-facing camera is ideal for all those video calls none of us ever make.

Be honest…


The manual states that the Lumia 900 has a battery that lasts all day, which is something that has so far been impossible to argue with. Serving up 8 hours of video playback, 7 hours of calling or 60 hours of music, the 900 certainly ranks up there with the best of them in this department – partly due to the low-power single-core processor.

All in All

If the Lumia 900 was to be carrying the same medium to high-end price tags of other leading Android and iOS devices today you’d be right to head for the hills. However, as most networks are offering the 900 for as good as free, it really does bring a lot to the table for those looking to break away from Android and iPhone addiction.

Video Review

Summed up, the Lumia 900 is bright, bold, attractive, sleek, fast and functional – no longer the proud flag-flyer it could have been, but also not one to be counted out of the running.

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