Nokia Lumia 900 Fading Away – Now Just $50 on AT&T

Nokia’s Lumia 900 took one step closer to an early grave over the course of the weekend, when AT&T announced that the fledgling handset would be reduced to just $50 – when taken with the usual two-year service agreement.

While it may not be unusual for a device to see such reductions in the course of its life, the fact that the Lumia 900 was only launched by AT&T three months ago really says all that needs to be said about the device’s performance.

Nokia Lumia 900 Fading Away – Now Just $50 on AT&T

A New Flagship

When first introduced, the Lumia 900 was earmarked to become the new flagship for both Nokia and the Windows Phone OS from Microsoft – both of which were desperate for the proverbial shot in the arm. The initial outlook was exceptional, as elite industry figures and consumer advisors praised what appeared to be a stunning Smartphone with the first OS likely to stand a chance against Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

However, for reasons that remain highly debated by so many, the Lumia 900 and its Windows Phone OS never managed to stick, or even make so much as a dent in the Apple/Google dominated Smartphone market. It seemed the only chance for the Lumia 900 would be the expected upgrade to Windows Phone 8 later this year – an upgrade all existing devices would come to be denied of due to lack of compatibility.

A Tragic End

AT&T claims that the reduction is simple a natural occurrence and has nothing to do with sales – figures for which have not been released. However, it is impossible to ignore the way in which the Nokia Lumia 900 appears to represent a tragic tale of a Smartphone that was never given the wings it needed to soar in terms of carrier backing and is set for a depressingly early grave.

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