Nexus 7 Tablet 8GB Coming To UK On Mid-July For £159: 16GB Version Releasing On July 27th For £199

The 8GB version of amazing Google Nexus 7 Tablet which got released yesterday at Google’s I/O conference has been confirmed to be released in United Kingdom on mid-July (we don’t know the exact date yet) for £159.

We have also confirmation from Asus that the 16GB variant of Nexus 7 will be arriving to UK on July 27th for a price of £199, which means those who are expecting to get their hands on the 16GB version at UK will have to wait a little bit longer.

Asus also confirmed that the 16GB version will be sold via retailers like PC World, Comet, Tesco and eBuyer, but the 8GB Nexu 7 tablet will be sold exclusively through the Google’s Play store.

There has been another update that the 16GB variant will be sold via Carphone Warehouse at United Kingdom, either for the price of £199 or for free with a tethered contract.

Well, whatever the case the Nexus 7 Tablet is certainly going to be released in the United Kingdom within the end of July, 2012 which will really be a good news for the Brits.

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